Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Calender Shopping

During the next few weeks I will take stock of all the things I thought of doing, but never committed to getting done. I’ll look at all the new things I learned, those moments when I stopped everything to say aloud, “I did not know that.” I will try to come up with a good and economical answer to that pesky question about what I want for Christmas. I may even set some goals for the year coming.

Montana has Two Seasons – Winter and July

Every year about this time, our quaking aspens grow leaves seemingly overnight and having leaves they begin to quake. The plum bush out front begins to bud and while the lilacs and roses seem slow they too begin to stretch and yawn and tease me with remembered color and smells.
Every year I begin to prepare to garden knowing full well that we have only 90 frost free days here and they don’t necessarily come in a row. Yesterday, I went to the store and bought some cheap garden gloves, I always loose last year’s pair. I also bought a garden hat. I went for straw again, this year crocheted straw, and floppy.