Post Dramatic Home Ownership

Continued story of Abusing Federal law D or Post Dramatic Home Ownership

The final part was making out a $9.19 check to Capital One the day after they confessed to releasing our personal information and social security numbers to a hacker. The 19 cents was because I didn’t want to write a nine dollar check to go with the $490. money order meant to cover the new refrigerator.

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Habitual Convenient Withdrawal Syndrome

The bank started sending me mail about exceeding my transaction allowance. These were not overdraft notices, I round filed them. The letters kept coming. The account number in the letters was always blocked out. I did not make the connection.

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The Chill of Summer

I am updating websites, today. I ended up here. What on earth is new? We are expecting temperatures to reach 55 degrees on Friday. It is a delightful green outside my window. Let me see if I can upload a few photos. Don’t touch anything sharp and buy any of my books for a summer…

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