Morning Observations

RBG: I Sent the Fly

An Amusing Quote of the Night (on calling the kettle black)

“Senator Harris you are entitled to your own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

Mike Pence

Fiction Friday

On the Table

Mid-stride, Ray Holms freezes. The world drops out from under him and an actual noise sounds in his head. Like a soundtrack in a horror film. And he breaks into an instant flop sweat.

Covid19 On Retirement

The World is Too Much 188.177.2886267.129811.44361

What I am about to say will not be helpful but I feel like if I don’t say it, well, I’ll say it somewhere else where everyone can talk back at me.. Yes, you are welcome to reply to this post but I get to see it before every other reader sees it. Don’t you wish I’d get to the point?