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If I Should Die a Novel by Sally Franklin Christie

If I Should Die

If I Should Die:  Murder, Embezzlement, Betrayal and Silence

  • Author’s Revised Edition
  • Sally Franklin Christie
  • Suspense
  • ISBN-978-1-4951-9745-1 (e-book)
  • Publication Date:
  • Pages: 137
  • Price: $2.99 US
  • Available from: Amazon Kindle
Email: sally@sallyfranklinchristie.com
If I Should Die Cover Art
If I Should Die

If I Should Die, has Murder, Embezzlement, Betrayal and Silence

Peyton Farley has settled into a new life in southwest Montana. Research and fact checking for a local newspaper is a perfectly safe job, or is it?

One morning, Peyton awakens and finds a strange man in lace up work boots who is bleeding out on her kitchen floor. As Peyton calls 911 from her bedroom, someone is stealing the body.

Who is the dead man? Why is he bleeding to death in Peyton’s apartment? Can one research assignment evolve into murder, embezzlement, betrayal and silence?

If I Should Die is a suspenseful journey into the lives of many people. The choices and impacts are repulsive and inspiring. Silence will never sound the same.

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