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Sally Franklin Christie Reveals Her Writing Space
Today we welcome author Sally Franklin Christie to the blog to discuss her writing space: Big Bird’s Nest, books that have inspired her, and tips for new writers.
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The things I fancy
Book Blog Tour: Milk Carton People: The Journey by Sally Franklin Christie (Review)
I’m as much as a YA junkie as a suspense/mystery/thriller junkie so this is definitely my cup of novel. Heehee. I’m smiling just from typing this review. So what is this about?
My Seryniti
Milk Carton Interview with Sally Franklin Christie
-How did this story begin? Was it a character, or a particular image?
I have always been interested in missing people and was researching for an article I wanted to write. During my research which included a few phone calls to missing persons clearinghouses I learned a few things that were very disturbing. Many missing people are never reported to officials because a family or friend is actually relived by the person’s absence. Many bodies are recovered each year that are never identified mostly due to the issue above of not having been put into the system as missing.
Milk Carton People: The Journey by Sally Franklin Christie (Suspense/Thriller) on BLE
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FMB tours: Milk Carton People: The Journey by by Sally Franklin Christie : Guest Post
I am a plotter eleven months out of the year. In November I am a pantser. Throughout the year I wish I could bottle and sell ‘butt glue for writers.’
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Guest Post by Sally Frankling Christie
Not too long ago I asked author Sally Franklin what inspired her to write this book and here’s what she had to say:
I had taken a course on writing for children and it turned out I was dreadful.
So I took another course, I would like to be a professional student but it doesn’t pay, the second one was about writing articles fit for publication.  I have sold some articles and each is framed and hanging on a wall.
A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books
My Escape
I gave Sally the topic of…
What Inspires me to write??
Here’s her answer:
When I was a little kid there were two things I wanted.  First to be as old as my brother, 1 /12 years older.  The second was to learn to read.  My brother did everything first.
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Blog Tour- The Milk Carton People: The Journey by Sally Franklin Christie
Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews
Milk Carton People by Sally Franklin Christie: Interview & Excerpt: FMB Tour Stop
Where do you research for your books?
I love to research.  Internet, phone, library.  I’ll research till heck won’t have it.  I might be able to remove that pesky brain tumor if you will sign a release form. I should mention that travel agents will send you the best info about places you cannot visit but need for your story.
Kaidans Seduction
Milk Carton People: The Journey by Sally Franklin Christie? Blog Tour Stop
his is one psychological thriller I would recommend everyone to read. One day you could be sitting somewhere and the next you could be missing. Will your family care enough to look for you or will they resume life as if you never existed? Come along for a thriller of a ride and find out what happens to Ruth and Charles!
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Review/Tour: Milk Carton People
Ending:  The last chapter raised more questions than answers.  I’m hoping that it is the first book in a series because although we find out how people become milk carton people…there is one main question that doesn’t get answered…and I NEED to know.
This is a great book for those who like the atmosphere of a well-told ghost story.
Grade: B+
The Blog Ring of Power Presents…
An Interview with Author Sally Franklin Christie
Part One of Five
BRoP Interview: Sally Franklin Christie
Part Two of Five
Blog Ring of Power Presents: Sally Franklin Christie
Part Three of Five
Seven Questions with Jake Elliot 
If you came looking for my novel click on the green link, then come back and read this interview with author Sally Franklin Christie. It will be worth it, we’ll solve many critical problems together, we’ll discuss the end of the world, but mostly we are talking about her latest paranormal thriller, Milk Carton People and how you can find it.
This article aired on 21 March 2012
I want to thank everyone who made Blazing Trailers such a Success.  I am honored to be among all of the authors here.
Blazing Trailers
Blazing Trailers Interview – June 2011
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