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Pour a drink, pull up a chair and prepare to be entertained, more or less.

Cover Art If I Should Die

If I Should Die, Again

New Cover Art for If I Should Die.. 10 Years ago I signed the Contract for this novel. A fresh…
Photo by Pawe? Czerwi?ski on Unsplash dried up flower

Apocalypse Now

“I alone can fix it.” As a writer, I have given a lot of thought to the Apocalypse and how…


It would be cool to say we became the couple who bought and RV and started roaming the country like…

Almost Done

When we moved into the house in 1997 we lost a box of Christmas Tree decorations. My son found them…

Bio and Stalking Information

Sally Franklin Christie

Sally_Christie (1)

Sally Franklin Christie lives in southwestern Montana with her son, Dan and her husband, Clifford. Two Dalmatian Hermanns Tortoises, one snake and one Canine Companion for Independence named Cleveland.

Her daughter, Sarah and four grandchildren are never far away and a constant source of inspiration.

Christie is a long time blogger at Life is a Story – Tell it Big and a Moderator at The Writer’s Chatroom.

She worked as an organizer and board member for the Coalition of Montanans Concerned with Disabilities and was active during the earliest days of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In her non-writing moments, she dabbles at landscape painting and crochet projects. Her favorite phrase is “Don’t touch anything sharp.”

Born in Illinois and living in Montana. Writer, Blogger, Moderator at The Writer’s Chatroom.

“I write to honor those authors who came before me.

  • The writers who entertained my during High School lunch breaks and study hall.
  • The writers I studied in College where I majored in Psychology and English Literature.
  • The writers who wrote about physics in a way that let me haphazardly teach in homeschool.

I write in hopes of entertaining my reader. I write to help others. I write because my darling husband has a full time job that allows me to have modern day electronics and internet access. I write so others will follow and try it out for themselves.

I write.

Always remember that Life is a Story. I think we should all Tell it Big.”

Feel free to click around on my many blog posts. This site has been around forever. There are many posts under the Category “Writerly Wednesday” and “Fiction Friday.” The rest are the last ten years of my life. More or less.

Till next time.. Don’t touch anything sharp.

Sally Franklin Christie

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