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If I Should Die

Some find it distracting, others find it comforting. If I really like the tunes that are playing I become too distracted to read. I prefer ambient, new-age or environmental music if I remember my Kindle will play while I read.

Oh, my Gosh is it May First?

Look closer and you will see my novel hiding out.

Wait! Wait! I spent yesterday afternoon repotting the houseplants that live at my north window. If being rootbound is an indication of doing something right during the winter, then my rather brown thumb is leaning toward green. I have corpses of bonsai trees in the breezeway that will testify to the opposite, they insist I killed them.

April Foolery, the Turtle and Insurance Droppage

It is April 7th. Eternal Press released eight new titles today. It is snowing outside. We uprooted the turtle and put her in a bowl of warm water.

A few days ago I discovered my insurance company dumped me at the end of the year and now I have to pay for my gym membership.

On the first, my darling husband left me a thermos filled with clear coffee.