Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Kay Kendall

3. What do you have under your bed?

Under my bed is a collection of shoes that does not fit into my other three closets. Of course, what happens is that I forget about those under the bed and think that I need to go out and buy more shoes. It is an endless cycle. There are also dust bunnies under my bed, but in the second bedroom my husband and I have the real thing—live house rabbits. They make marvelous pets. One of them, Dusty, is pictured with me in my author’s photo. He’s an angora, which is why his ears aren’t as long as most breeds. He was chosen because he was able to sit still and pose far longer than our other four bunnies could. Dusty is now prideful, and the others are miffed. They are already lobbying hard to be in the next photo shoot.