If Walls Could Talk

An anthology of short stories written from the perspective of individual ‘houses.’ Who hasn’t wondered what would happen If Walls Could Talk?

Writerly Round-Up (21 – 27 April)

Tips on How to Read Your Own Work Objectively

“How can a writer learn to read her own writing from a reader’s eyes/brain/comprehension?” she asked. “When I reread my work–it’s me –how I write. I’d like to be able to reread it and go ‘You’re doing the same thing. Change this or that.’ Maybe I’m looking for a magical way to reread my work.”


Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Tony Thorne MBE

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Tony Thorne MBE.     Bio – Tony Thorne MBE, a Chartered Design Engineer, built up a research and development company in Kent, England, specialising in 30000C graphite furnaces, liquefied helium gas pipelines, nuclear protection equipment and low temperature surgery instrumentation. The latter and its worldwide commercial success led to him being…… Continue reading Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Tony Thorne MBE