Flash Fiction Friday

Successor Service Dog from Canine Companions for Independence
Successor Service Dog from Canine Companions for Independence

It is Mid-June, a slow news week, except for the story of President Obama killing a fly and I promise to post something of substance or at least funny during the next week.  This flash story must have been prompted but I didn’t put a note with it. The following 150 words are my gift to you, for putting up with my lazy summertime Friday Post.

A Life Less Lived

A bedraggled plant sits on a windowsill like the first line of an unfinished poem. A leaf flutters to the sill in silent testament to a life less lived. A body identified as Mrs. Campbell was discovered this morning after a mail carrier reported a suspicious odor coming from this small house at 137 West Port Avenue.

Inside, the tidy house is sparsely furnished and the cupboards are bare. The refrigerator is empty and scrubbed clean. Except for the Cat, named Mystery, there is nothing to suggest anyone lives here.

From a simple point of view it seems as though Jaime Campbell simply quit this life in the quiet neighborhood on the west side of town. Investigations are ongoing into the tragic life and death of this Iraq war widow. Did this young woman die of grief?

The only witnesses are Mystery, the cat and the bedraggled plant on a windowsill.

The End


Feel Free to Comment send your own Flash Fiction, keep it clean, short about 150 words as a comment.  I can’t pay you for it and it will be considered published so you will be giving away first rights.