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Tipping my Hat to Audrey Shaffer at The Writer’s Chatroom

Hello Awesome Visitors!

I wear many hats in my day to day life.  And if I could get my clip art widget to work I’d insert a tiny row of bouncing hats.

Tipping my Hat to Audrey Shaffer at The Writer’s Chatroom…

Photo of Audrey Shaffer

Audrey Shaffer

A week or so back I was in The Writer’s Chatroom with Awesome Audrey Shaffer or Head Moderator, Webmistress and all around Extraordinary Person.

banging_headWe were talking about ways to gather information and I suggested putting a ‘form’ on The Writer’s Chatroom Site.   Audrey suggested a form would make more work because she’d be hit with more spam to delete.

I wanted to test the spam issue so I included a form right here on this blog site and discovered that next to going moderation free this form did fill my email with spam.  I haven’t seen so many fake names, emails and responses since my early days at blogdom.

For those of you who have never been to The Writer’s Chatroom we meet twice a week.

Our Sunday Guest Chat includes, you guessed it, a Guest.  The guest is usually a traditionally published author or authors who are insanely successful at self-publishing.  We always have an eye or ear out for Agent Guests or Publishers.

The Guest Chat happens on Sundays at the Chatroom at 7 PM ET.

On Wednesdays we have what we call Topic Chats and these are usually moderated by Audrey or myself.  The topics vary with a focus on all things Writerly.

The Topic Chats happen on Wednesday at 8PM ET.

Subscribe to get a regular Newsletter that shares info on upcoming topics and guests.

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Check out the Blog.

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Slippery Slopes and the Adventures of a Paperback Novel…

Good Weekend, everyone!

I am pleased to say I am doing well after the incident on the ramp.

My reality can change in a blink. On Wednesday, the wind was blowing and it was cold. It had been raining for a few days and with the Eternal Press Chats behind me and busy work ahead, I dressed the dog and darling husband and I were off to talk to a durable medical equipment guy.

It was blowing and I turned back toward the front door. Hubby coaxed me onward. He took my hand and was urging me down the rain soaked ramp toward the van.

I remember him asking, “What’s going on?” As I began my downward slide, he held tight to my hand and more of my arm in an effort to slow me down.

The resulting injury to my arm and wrist is mending. I used my big toe to work the shift key and finished some Eternal work I had started earlier. With a very cool brace I can use most of the fingers that really count for typing.

Yesterday, I carefully headed down the ramp with my novel and a camera. The adventure led us to a roof top of a parking garage where I posed with a copy of If I Should Die on top of a trash can. Before heading home, we swung by the apartment building my main character, Peyton, lived in and took a photo or two.

Karina Fabian has be busy tuning up my promotional efforts on If I Should Die in a workshop she is running over a Savvy Authors. Next week I will begin a digital marketing workshop. I see my schedule includes Moderating on Wednesday, June 15th at The Writer’s Chatroom.

I’m leaving you lucky readers with a slideshow of photos that feature the adventures of a paperback novel. Enjoy and don’t touch anything sharp.


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Jeeper’s Germs and Good Things about Cyberspace

Germs, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. 

Jeepers arrives most weekdays and he brings his germs with him.  I like to think I am so aged that my immune system has seen it all before and I will survive the mutual drinking vessel. 

Last week he had an ear infection.  I heard that one person can catch an ear infection from another.  No Way!  I protest, who the heck shares ears? 

With my video camera securely put in the off position no one can see my hair messed up, or me drinking orange juice from the container. 

None of you can tell that I have some really evil microscopic invaders running through my body and getting eaten by the special recruits and later piled up in a lymph node for further recycling. 

Tomorrow, if you happen to be stalking the web and click on this link, http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.blogspot.com you’ll find me sounding perfectly healthy, at least verbally as I reply to Penny Ehrenkranz’s questions about me and my novel, If I Should Die

If you are crawling up the web’s waterspout on February 13th you will find Penny at The Writer’s Chatroom

In the between time, keep that hand sanitizer within reach and don’t touch anything sharp!

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