Welcome Back To Writerly Wednesday

Welcome to Writerly Wednesday

Cup of Pens ClipArtIt has been awhile since my last Writerly Wednesday post. Welcome back. If you haven’t been here before, I post Writerly things here. I sometimes spotlight people in the Writing Arena, Authors, Editors, Publishers, Agents and people with mad marketing skills. I have guest guidelines here on the site if you are interested.

What I really want to share is news about The Writer’s Chatroom.

The Writer’s Chatroom has been open to guests since the olden days of the internet and it has gone through at least two major incarnations. Now it is going through another change.

Our head moderator, Audrey Shaffer has been running the place for twelve years and felt it was time to close up shop or pass the torch.

I’ve been hanging out in the chatroom for about eight years and it has become a habit. We have a mix of visitors and regulars pulling up virtual chairs every Wednesday and Sunday evening. I couldn’t envision my weeks without this chatroom so I volunteered to take up the torch and run with it.

The Chatroom is moving to my subdomain. I am keeping much of the content from the main site but bringing the core of the chatroom up to modern standards and expectations. The look and feel will be different but I am one of the few people in the world who things change is good. Change is growth. Change is good for our minds.

I want to invite you over to the new digs.

The Wednesday and Sunday Chats still happen at the regular site. This will eventually resolve at the new site. Join us at http://writerschatroom.com/Enter on Wednesdays at 6PM MDT and Sundays at 5PM MDT.

Audrey Shaffer is not completely disappearing, she is still running a lot of the background magic. We are thankful for the things she used to do and the things she continues doing.

And the Survey Says – Part 1 of 3

clipart of the word surveyI’ve been moderating over at The Writer’s Chatroom for around seven years.  Wow, have I been there that long?  I recently composed a series of Surveys and posted the links to them on Facebook and Twitter.  And The Survey Says..

Thank you all for participating.  If you haven’t gone over to answer the questions, the surveys are still open.  I’ll add the links at the end of this post.

First Survey Observations.

The first survey was short. It was a general getting to know you type of thing. I will attempt to tell you the results without resorting to statistics whenever possible.

And the Survey Says – Part 1 of 3

Q1 What do you write?

The choices were Fiction, Non-fiction, Blogs and of course I do not Write.

About two thirds of people claimed to be fiction writers followed by non-fiction not even a close second. I was surprised to see that only one in four writers had a blog.

Q2 Have you Visited The Writer’s Chatroom?

An equal number of people indicated that they were regulars at the chatroom, they simply don’t do chats and they keep forgetting the time of our chats.

Just over a third of the writers indicated that they come to chat when they can but life gets in the way.

Q3 What is your gender?

Three quarters of the writers were female.

Q4 What is your age?

On this one I discovered very few writers aged 44 or below. It could be those writers don’t know they are writers, they might be raising the first wave of their family or heavily employed. They certainly don’t seem to participate in surveys if they are lurking out there.

The bulk of writers are between 45 and 65.

If we wanted to attract more young writers and more men we probably need to find out where they hang out online and get their attention there.

In a walnut shell —

The average respondent is a woman between 45 and 65 who writes fiction and non-fiction and either has a full plate on Sundays and Wednesdays or simply forgets we are here.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the survey. You all rock.

Survey 1

Survey 1

Survey 3

Writerly Round-Up (7 – 13 April)

Welcome to another Writerly Round-Up. Writerly Round-Up (7 – 13 April)  As usual, these items crossed into my path by email or social media.


Writerly Round-Up (7 – 13 April)


Cup of Pens ClipArtCrime Scene Questions for Writers

This is a very active Yahoo Group.  Membership requires approval.


Group Description

A forum for asking and answering crime scene investigation, applied forensics, and police procedure questions for fiction or non-fiction writers. Writers are invited to ask and crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, and medical practioners are invited to answer. Of course, experienced writers are invited to help the newer ones and each other.

A Sample of Current Topics

  • DNA How Long Does It Take? 6 Posts
  • Husband running away with… 6 Posts
  • Living my in a large city like… 11 Posts
  • Handgun / revolver for a woman 6 Posts
  • Private Investigators 9 Posts




I began using LibraryThing when I worked as a Marketing Manager for a Publishing Company.  I visited yesterday to open my own account and add my books.

What is LibraryThing?

LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers.

LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of books: books you own, books you’ve read, books you’d like to read, books you’ve lent out … whatever grouping you’d like.

Since everyone catalogs online, they also catalog together. You can contribute tags, ratings and reviews for a book, and Common Knowledge (facts about a book or author, like character names and awards), as well as participate in member forums or join the Early Reviewers program. Everyone gets the benefit of everyone else’s work. LibraryThing connects people based on the books they share.


The Saturday Writing Quote — Faulkner on ambition and judgment


Leslie Budewitz

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

— Wm Faulkner, quoted in The Writer, 9/12


Writerly Round-Up (7 – 13 April)

From the 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips series!


Sandra Beckwith

Don’t do a free Kindle book promotion until you know how to do it the right way. Read Short Promo Success: How to Run Successful Free Promotions in Just One Day.

To your book marketing success.


The Writer’s Forensics Blog


The Cyber Exchange Principle


The cornerstone of forensic science is known as the Locard Exchange Principle. Edmond Locard (1877-1966) studied and developed his investigative skills under the great forensic pioneer Alexandre Lacassagne and later headed the forensic laboratory in Lyon, France. His observations led him to conclude that criminals always left traces of themselves at crime scenes. And took evidence away when they departed. This became the foundation of his exchange principle.


The Writer’s Chatroom

Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites & Best of the Best for Online Writing Communities


Congratulations to Audrey Shaffer for her hard and unfailing work.

The Writer’s Chatroom is listed in Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites issue. Best of the Best for online writing communities on page 39 and page 41 has a half-page sidebar about the site.


Book Marketing 101


Jane Friedman

It is possible, if not desirable, for an author to launch an effective book-marketing campaign without a publisher’s support or assistance. Mainly, it requires time and energy. It may also require some monetary investment to hire a publicist, PR firm, or marketing consultant to advise and assist you. The good news is that, by the time your second, third, or fourth book comes out, you should have a solid base of readers to work from—a base that was developed from marketing activities associated with previous launches.


This is the end of another Writerly Round-Up.  Email me at sally@sallyfranklinchristie.com if you have a suggestion.

Don’t touch anything sharp.


Writerly Round-Up – 18 – 24 February 2016

Cup of Pens ClipArtWriterly Round-Up 18 – 24 February 2016

Welcome to this week’s Writerly Round-Up.

The following is a collection of items and links I’ve collected from my email and social media. If you are promoting an event or release and you’d like to see it in next week’s  Writerly Round-Up, please email me.


Ep 076: “How To Make A Living With Your Writing Pt. 1”

From Book Marketing Tools

Welcome to the 76th episode of The Author Hangout, a podcast designed to help authors, especially self-published and indie authors, with marketing their books and improving their author platform. Authors struggle with various aspects of marketing and we are here to help!

A tip from Sandra Beckwith

It’s important to make sure your press releases reach the right media outlets so if you’re confused when using a service such as eReleases, call the customer support number for help. http://bit.ly/1iIsgUW (affiliate)

To your book marketing success. Sign up for Sandra’s 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips series!


Small Library Survey ends Friday 26 February

From LibraryThing

Interested in using TinyCat—our upcoming online catalog for tiny libraries? Take our survey, and be automatically entered to win a $100 Amazon/IndieBound gift certificate.
We want to make sure we’re doing TinyCat right, and meeting all our small libraries’ needs. Whether you’re already beta testing TinyCat, or just potentially interested in using it, we want to hear from you! Survey responses are completely anonymous. The drawing will close Friday, at 12 noon Eastern, so be sure to get your response in by then.



A Law and Fiction Article

Character opportunities — booking photos


Montana laws strongly favor public access to information, while also recognizing the personal right to privacy — both are expressly recognized in our 1972 Constitution, replacing the bare-bones model we enacted on statehood in 1889. Curiously, we did not have a recognized public policy on booking photos — aka mug shots — probably because our low population means some important issues simply never reach the courts. Read more on the Law and Fiction Site.


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If I Should Die has Murder, Embezzlement, Betrayal and Silence.


Peyton Farley has settled into a new life in southwest Montana. Research and fact checking for a local newspaper is a perfectly safe job, or is it?

One morning, Peyton awakens and finds a strange man in lace up work boots who is bleeding out on her kitchen floor.  As Peyton calls 911 from her bedroom, someone is stealing the body. (Coming Soon)


More Writerly Round-Up


Digital Book World’s Launch Kids: Looking Forward and Back


February is a great time to talk about children’s books, in the aftermath of Toy Fair, Digital Kids, the MidWinter ALA and its accompanying Newbery, Caldecott and other awards, presented in January. While publishing for the adult market has its rewards and sense of community, children’s publishing has an infectious enthusiasm and sense of mission that is made manifest at ALA.   Read the rest online.

At The Writer’s Chatroom

Celebrity Sundays:

Famous writers, up-and-coming authors, and other notables closely tied to the writing and publishing industry will be our featured guests each Sunday at 7:00 PM ET. Our chats are moderated using a queue format, to allow those in attendance to gain the most from each chat. No password needed for scheduled chats!

From JA Konrath’s Blog

Fisking Lee Child

I like Lee Child. He’s a generous guy, pleasant, smart, and a decent writer.

But Lee has aligned himself with the pinheads of Authors United, and though his views differ enough to be considered on their own merits rather than instantly dismissable like the majority of AU alarmism, Child’s continued anti-Amazon stance is getting boring.
Read more on JA’s website.


That is it for this week’s Writerly Round-Up. If you’d like to suggest a link or promote an event email me at sally@sallyfranklinchristie.com. If you like these posts, sign up for my email and share this post on social media.

Till next time, don’t touch anything sharp!

Writerly Round-Up

Writerly Round-Up February 5th – 11th

Cup of Pens ClipArtMy ribs are driving me crazy and sitting at my laptop seems to make them worse.

Doh, it is a laptop, I should move it.

I’m here, so I am going to write this post in spite of the pain.

The following are links to things that crossed my path during the week in my email or on social media.

Mystery Readers Journal Forensic Mysteries

The Mystery Readers Journal Forensic Mysteries Issue is out and it’s excellent. Filled with wonderful and informative articles by some really fun folks. Janet always does such a wonderful job and this issue is a testament to that.

Law & Fiction

Today on Law & Fiction: the Blog, I take a look at statistics on age, gender, and race in the legal profession, and some implications.

Missing fire hydrant dumped at Hyalite

The hydrant disappeared from 8th and Babcock the last weekend in January.  Crews went up to retrieve the hydrant this morning and brought it back to the City Shops.

The Conversations We Ignore, Wounds, & Well-Motivated Inner Conflict by Mackenzie Lucas

A Savvy Authors Post

Mackenzie Lucas is a lover of story in any form. She’s an avid reader of genre fiction, she writes contemporary and paranormal romance, and she listens to an eclectic mix of music that spans from pop/rock to country to gospel. She loves a good story whether it’s an erotic short, a full-length romance novel, or the narrative slice-of-life found in country music. In any story, emotional integrity and authenticity are most important to her as well as a big dose of romping hot sexual tension.

From Flo Stanton’s Blog


Happy 260th Birthday to Mozart!

From The Writer’s Chatroom

Paul McDermott answers a question.

“Noiz: how long is a piece of string? Some chapters NEED to be short.”

This is the last link I am adding for this week’s round-up.

Sex Education for Children in the Norway’s TV

For Adults Only if you are American.

‘‘this video could be inappropriate for some viewers’’— This is not a porn film. The sequence is part of ‘‘Newton’’, Norway’s national TV contribution for the children’s sexual education.

Okay, that’s all folks.  Don’t touch anything sharp.  

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Email me if you have a suggestion for next week’s round up.





Tipping my Hat to Audrey Shaffer at The Writer’s Chatroom

Photo of Audrey Shaffer

Hello Awesome Visitors!

I wear many hats in my day to day life.  And if I could get my clip art widget to work I’d insert a tiny row of bouncing hats.

Tipping my Hat to Audrey Shaffer at The Writer’s Chatroom…

Photo of Audrey Shaffer
Audrey Shaffer

A week or so back I was in The Writer’s Chatroom with Awesome Audrey Shaffer or Head Moderator, Webmistress and all around Extraordinary Person.

banging_headWe were talking about ways to gather information and I suggested putting a ‘form’ on The Writer’s Chatroom Site.   Audrey suggested a form would make more work because she’d be hit with more spam to delete.

I wanted to test the spam issue so I included a form right here on this blog site and discovered that next to going moderation free this form did fill my email with spam.  I haven’t seen so many fake names, emails and responses since my early days at blogdom.

For those of you who have never been to The Writer’s Chatroom we meet twice a week.

Our Sunday Guest Chat includes, you guessed it, a Guest.  The guest is usually a traditionally published author or authors who are insanely successful at self-publishing.  We always have an eye or ear out for Agent Guests or Publishers.

The Guest Chat happens on Sundays at the Chatroom at 7 PM ET.

On Wednesdays we have what we call Topic Chats and these are usually moderated by Audrey or myself.  The topics vary with a focus on all things Writerly.

The Topic Chats happen on Wednesday at 8PM ET.

Subscribe to get a regular Newsletter that shares info on upcoming topics and guests.

Visit the Forum.

Check out the Blog.

Slippery Slopes and the Adventures of a Paperback Novel…

Good Weekend, everyone!

I am pleased to say I am doing well after the incident on the ramp.

My reality can change in a blink. On Wednesday, the wind was blowing and it was cold. It had been raining for a few days and with the Eternal Press Chats behind me and busy work ahead, I dressed the dog and darling husband and I were off to talk to a durable medical equipment guy.

It was blowing and I turned back toward the front door. Hubby coaxed me onward. He took my hand and was urging me down the rain soaked ramp toward the van.

I remember him asking, “What’s going on?” As I began my downward slide, he held tight to my hand and more of my arm in an effort to slow me down.

The resulting injury to my arm and wrist is mending. I used my big toe to work the shift key and finished some Eternal work I had started earlier. With a very cool brace I can use most of the fingers that really count for typing.

Yesterday, I carefully headed down the ramp with my novel and a camera. The adventure led us to a roof top of a parking garage where I posed with a copy of If I Should Die on top of a trash can. Before heading home, we swung by the apartment building my main character, Peyton, lived in and took a photo or two.

Karina Fabian has be busy tuning up my promotional efforts on If I Should Die in a workshop she is running over a Savvy Authors. Next week I will begin a digital marketing workshop. I see my schedule includes Moderating on Wednesday, June 15th at The Writer’s Chatroom.

I’m leaving you lucky readers with a slideshow of photos that feature the adventures of a paperback novel. Enjoy and don’t touch anything sharp.

Jeeper’s Germs and Good Things about Cyberspace

Germs, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. 

Jeepers arrives most weekdays and he brings his germs with him.  I like to think I am so aged that my immune system has seen it all before and I will survive the mutual drinking vessel. 

Last week he had an ear infection.  I heard that one person can catch an ear infection from another.  No Way!  I protest, who the heck shares ears? 

With my video camera securely put in the off position no one can see my hair messed up, or me drinking orange juice from the container. 

None of you can tell that I have some really evil microscopic invaders running through my body and getting eaten by the special recruits and later piled up in a lymph node for further recycling. 

Tomorrow, if you happen to be stalking the web and click on this link, http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.blogspot.com you’ll find me sounding perfectly healthy, at least verbally as I reply to Penny Ehrenkranz’s questions about me and my novel, If I Should Die

If you are crawling up the web’s waterspout on February 13th you will find Penny at The Writer’s Chatroom

In the between time, keep that hand sanitizer within reach and don’t touch anything sharp!