Looking for a Blood Stained Kitchen

Okay, come back into the car and we'll try it from another angle.
Okay, come back into the car and we'll try it from another angle.

I really have nothing to say, but for the sake of consistency I’ll give it a go.

Today, my son, aged fourteen and terribly bored with his two-day school week, needed only in the way a teen-aged person needs, a newly released game.

I needed to finish writing a scene for my novel, do a photo shoot for a novel I have finished and of course, find something to put in the blog. I counted out my needs to my son and we climbed into the t-bird with the dog and began our to-do list.

“Why would anyone need a book trailer in order to read a book? Isn’t that what the back cover is for?” Asked my wise son.

“Now, that is a good question.” I always tell him his questions are good and then I tend to start making things up. “Somebody looks at the book trailers and if they don’t I can at least convince an agent or publisher that I know something about this technique of marketing.” This satisfied him, but after I actually put it together I need to come up with a better reason.

I employed him as my willing photographer, he didn’t have his new game in hand, yet. First, we kicked up dust on a gravel road on the way to a very photogenic mansion. These things are only photogenic from a distance so it took a few trips around the block to get it in the viewing screen on the camera.

We cut across town to get a picture of the very real and awesome old apartment complex that my very imaginary main character lived in during her novel. Again, we had to spiral ever outward to capture the building. A few more pictures of apartment buildings and we were off to Game Stop.

Now, my son is paid off for his chores and photography skills and has forgotten the question about book trailers. Now, I have two things checked off my list and after I post this little bit of nothing to say, I’ll read a news story or witness a worthy event of some kind and make notes for my next blog.

There is one more photo I need to get, who knew finding a picture of a bloody kitchen floor, complete with contact stains on the cabinet doors and a blood soaked tea towel was so hard to find?

The garden is growing, it hasn’t snowed in over a week and the magpies are chasing the baby owls. Be well, everyone. Go out and get some fresh air and sunshine and come back in a few days.  I’ll get to work on that scene, but first …