Jeeper’s Germs and Good Things about Cyberspace

Germs, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. 

Jeepers arrives most weekdays and he brings his germs with him.  I like to think I am so aged that my immune system has seen it all before and I will survive the mutual drinking vessel. 

Last week he had an ear infection.  I heard that one person can catch an ear infection from another.  No Way!  I protest, who the heck shares ears? 

With my video camera securely put in the off position no one can see my hair messed up, or me drinking orange juice from the container. 

None of you can tell that I have some really evil microscopic invaders running through my body and getting eaten by the special recruits and later piled up in a lymph node for further recycling. 

Tomorrow, if you happen to be stalking the web and click on this link, you’ll find me sounding perfectly healthy, at least verbally as I reply to Penny Ehrenkranz’s questions about me and my novel, If I Should Die

If you are crawling up the web’s waterspout on February 13th you will find Penny at The Writer’s Chatroom

In the between time, keep that hand sanitizer within reach and don’t touch anything sharp!

The Germs, the germs. Germs Revisited.

 Go Here to See a Sunday Morning Story on Hand Washing…wait through the ad..

I did not get a flu shot this year. I heard there are three strains blended together in this year’s injection. Last year I had my first flu shot ever and it hurt like crazy and I had the shakes and chills afterwards, a rare but not unheard of side effect.

A few weeks ago, my darling daughter brought the three year old over before she went to work and mentioned he had a fever. Okay, the kid doesn’t drool any more but I still wanted to slather him in hand sanitizer. I hoped that having put at least a half century of cold and flu germs into my immune system would protect me.

Last week, my sixteen year old, can anyone believe he is already sixteen, complained of a sore throat and other things. This is a fellow who turns away medication in the event of fractures. I knew my chances of ducking the flu were falling.

Cold-eeze makes a zinc cough drop that I believe in. I think it zaps the little germs by coating them with the equivalent of the white pasty stuff you put on a baby’s raw bottom. Don’t tell me anything different, because I want to believe.

The best thing about being sick is that I can still show up in chat rooms, answer my emails, get some work done on behalf of some very cool authors and publishers and not once come into the kind of contact that will spread anything more major than a computer virus.

By the way, my computer is clean. New. Protected.

Don’t forget to drop by Eternal Press and buy my book. The first three chapters are free over at Amazon. Kindle users know about the sample books and it makes it so, maybe too darned easy to one click and buy a book.

My book title is If I Should Die, by the way, I nearly posted this without mentioning the title! 

Till next time, don’t touch anything sharp and pass the hand sanitizer, please.

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News or Opinion or Conspiracy Theories?

I heard the president did something hideous while on his trip to China. President Obama bowed. Yikes, what will happen next? I would bow, if it was seen as a form of showing respect. I would also cover my head if I knew not doing so would offend a group or make someone uncomfortable. Just as I bow my head in prayer at a funeral and recite the Lord’s Prayer. It is really no big deal. You just do it. This is really such a non issue I am surprised at myself for bringing it up.

The next big news item is cancer screening. Start at 40, start at 50, every year or every two years. It is a recondemnation not a mandate. And honestly, I am avoiding having to stand on a chair without a top to have my upper regions squished and x-rayed. I know a lot of women who have never had this done. What is the risk of not doing it? Death? Early diagnosis? False positives? Unnecessary biopsies? It is with great skill that the media plays on our fears.

My thought is that this bit of information was given to eventually make its way back to the Health Care debate to scare the fence sitters on to the status quo side. And guess what? The news anchor just brought that issue up. The anger surrounding the ‘recondemnation’ is enough to incite bad health.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I have not had a mammogram, I do support the cancer awareness campaign and do believe early diagnosis saves lives. But, it is not a mandate.

It is nice to see the H1N1 issue has dropped back to at least third place in the news ranking. I still use my hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting my car.

There is a flu shot clinic tomorrow at our Health Department limited to people aged 6 months to 24 years of age. The rest of the population is advised to go to their family doctor for a shot.

Since I was thinking along the lines of conspiracy when I opined on the cancer issue, I have to wonder what secret thing might the government have in mind for people of this age? Maybe, nanites are being injected so big brother know where this age group is at all times and they will be on call to the ‘mother ship’ to become food for Morlocks. Yes, I know, that is random and not well thought out. I’m kidding, I am not serious.

However, one day at a food bank parking lot, in the days of commodities consisting mostly of flour and meet fillers, peanutbutter and always a block of cheese, I wondered if the cheese might contain birth control. Besides being a run on sentence, that only made since to me until a woman came out of the food bank bearing a block of cheese and five children.

Okay, so what is the point I am trying to make? None. I just wanted to take a break from my NaNoWriMo project to prove to myself I could write something that did not involve serial killing. Yes, I am writing ‘dark fiction.’ I am also reading Stephen King’s novel, The Dome.

Happy Wednesday to you all. I’m going to get back to the news broadcast and we’ll meet again soon.

As long as you realize anything I said in the post is pure entertainment or opinion, go ahead and comment.