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What’s Up with Death Notifications Using Facebook or Text?

What’s Up with Death Notifications Using Facebook or Text?

When did it become standard for family members to text or Facebook the news of a death in the family?
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The Call


I think it is beyond bad form that my mom received a simple text message when my sister died of lung cancer.

“Kathleen died.”

Yesterday, amid my Facebook posts was a message asking me to see if my mother received news that her brother died.

Of course I called this person out on it.  The among the replies that followed was this message…

“S–t happens then you die.” 


 if you have her number you can call her ! I don’t…”

Call me old fashioned but I think this is just wrong.  No matter how dysfunctional a family might be, no one deserves a bereavement message in e-format or text message.

If I knew Miss Manners I’d ask her to weigh in.  Maybe, I’ll look her up.

Okay, I did look her up.  Click on her name above if you are curious…


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Cell-Phonery - Taken by my Daughter's Cell Phone

In the olden days when a person bought a new car, neighbors and family members would come out to admire it.  At my house, a new cell phone draws the same kind of crowd.

This is my cell-phonery.  Not to be confused with my post on dip-stikery.


For the last few weeks, my cell has been stammering and if I listened closely I think I heard some grinding.

I had been getting the full storage message for months. Please delete some programs to make more room. Deleting old programs never made the little nudge icon go away.

I moved some things over to the SD card. That might have bought me another two weeks.

The text message area filled up. Oh, my gosh, have you ever tried to get into the text message file to delete messages that mostly say, “sure,” “okay,” “Get Milk”?

Thursday evening, my phone got so ‘fed up’ that it refused to admit it could send or receive calls.

I went back inside the files and managed to do something that brought it back around.

On Friday, I took my family to the cell phone store.

Todd has been selling me phones since the day I walked into the store in green sweats and a bleeding thumb. Todd sold us my son’s first phone and is a fixture at the store.

Todd agreed that my phone was stammering and shuddering and said I had filled it completely with stuff.

“Todd, I use this thing for emails, reading, texting, web surfing, photos, and yes, occasionally, I make a call. I need to keep doing this. If I walk away from my laptop, I need to know an email has come in. I also have a new granddaughter and you know how many photos that means.”

Todd showed me newer models and told me about the deal of the day. Buy a cell phone and tablet together for one low price.

“My laptop would have tablet envy, so let’s just go with the cell.”

This one has this much internal memory and this one does this. This one over here is heavy but it rocks. You can also get this one in white and gosh there is a sale on one of these cases over here.

Okay, I went with Poppa Bear and Todd reset the phone I came in with so I could hand it down.

I am now the owner of what I hope is a tax credit or deduction of some kind. It is heavy and big and now I have to find a carrying case so I can tote it around. I don’t name my appliances but I am thinking about it for this one.

The camera on this one possibly has more bells than my Kodak. This is a good thing because I seem to have misplaced my real non phone camera. I would show you a photo of the phone, but it is impossible to photograph without another camera.

My grandson, Jeepers, just said, “You have a beautiful phone.”

Don’t touch anything sharp and come back on Wednesday to see my Writerly Guest.

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