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September in Montana

I don't know if this is the same critter.

These are a few photos taken yesterday and today.  Forgive the Formatting.  The captions sort of explain things.

 The new Hunter's Green Roof and my Favorite Car

Our House, my Car!This is what all the Roofing was about...The Horrid Red Head

Ecclectus Parrot

The Horrid Red Head

She doesn’t know that the Turtle ate a Bird last year and she didn’t listen when I told her.  Molly is an Ecclectus Parrot.  Please don’t give people pets for getting married.  This bird is on my hit list.  If anything happens to her, my whole family is going to say I’m good for the murder.

Scrub Mayple?

It wouldn't be right to leave out a wildlife photo.

We didn’t have Autumn Last YearIt wouldn’t be right to leave out a wildlife photo.I don’t know if this is the same critter.


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12 October 2009 – Morning Observation

NorthEast from our East Yard

NorthEast from our East Yard

A Libra Sun shines apologetically this morning, not quite warming the tiny Chick-a-dees as they work the frozen ground scrounging for food. The deer are back, already looking thinner and tired. I miss the magical Autumn colors, my camera is even sulking.

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