Writerly Wednesday Presents LM Preston

Welcome to Writerly Wednesday.  Get comfy and see what this week’s guest has to share with us. Buy Link Writer’s Website       Bio: LM. Preston is an avid reader. She loved to create poetry and short-stories as a young girl.  With a thirst for knowledge she attended college at Bowie State University, and worked…… Continue reading Writerly Wednesday Presents LM Preston

Writerly Wednesday Presents J E Cammon


Hippy orange curves dancing
to the beat of smoldering wings,
hovering to hug her, eyes hungry
and blind to the hot wick.
Each of them crowd in,
a swarm of lust, legs aching,
outstretched, to touch that beautiful
death, smoke-kissed, and not knowing fear,
needing to suffocate her,
even as she inspires them.
With each pass, her heart burns
them each just a little.
There is no place else none of them
could ever be.

Writerly Wednesdays Presents – Marva Dasef

ULTIMATE DUTY by Marva Dasef Eternal Press http://www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781615722280 Bio: Marva Dasef is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a fat white cat. Retired from thirty-five years in the software industry, she has now turned her energies to writing fiction and finds it a much more satisfying occupation. Marva has published…… Continue reading Writerly Wednesdays Presents – Marva Dasef