Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Stephanie Grey

This Writerly Wednesday presents Stephanie Grey. I like to put the interview up front to put a person with their book. Interview      What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale? I had a book trailer made and pinned it to my Twitter page, Facebook author page, and website. That seems to […]

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Kimberly Jones

This book was created for parents explaining loss of a love one to their children. It’s always good to explain death and cry for someone you love. When a loved one dies, children feel and show their grief in different ways. How kids cope with the loss depends on things like their age, how close they felt to the person who died, and the support they receive.

Writerly Wednesday Presents Safdar Muttaqi

The Dark Romantic Of The Night and the only guy on the planet who writes Unsophisticated Fiction For Those Who Don’t Belong.

Welcome Back To Writerly Wednesday

The Writer’s Chatroom has been open to guests since the olden days of the internet and it has gone through at least two major incarnations. Now it is going through another change.

Writerly Wednesday Spotlight – Castelane Inc.

Every book needs a strong marketing plan by someone who knows the industry – with over 20 years of experience, we know how to utilize social media and other online channels to engage your audience and promote your brand through multimedia, famous author pages and more.

Hello World – Sally is in the Building!

No one would believe the stranger than fiction story behind my quiet spell. Let’s just say that when I am in a persistent vegetative state, a journal will surface.

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Narrator Becky Parker

You are the Voice of the Neeta Lyfee Series. You are also my first interview with a narrator, voice over artist. Your signature file says – Pro Audio Voices is a San Francisco Bay Area based company serving clients internationally as a go-to place for exceptional voiceover services for Audiobooks, Animation, and Advertising, with an emphasis on those with uplifting and inspiring stories and messages. Can you tell us some of the steps involved in bringing the Neeta Lyffe Series to life?

I Left My Brains in San Francisco Audio Release is Live!

What can you share with us about yourself? You are very busy and multi-talented. Does your mind ever go quiet?
No, it does not, and I always have several creative, marketing and writing guild irons in the fire. However, after this tour is done, I’m making a concerted effort to BACK OFF. I need to concentrate on family until the kids are out of the house. I have few precious years left with them.

Submission Packet?

You will be one step ahead and able to relax and enjoy the ride if you have most of this prep work done ahead of time.

5 Things Successful People Do.. a Writer’s Chatroom Topic

Are you stalled out in your writing life? Are you having trouble finding the time to write or promote or blog? Do you need something a little more serious than butt glue?

Don’t set your goals so big you are destined to fail. Don’t make excuses. Become excited about what you chose to do and write toward the big payoff. You define the payoff. Make it a goal you can reach and then get it done…

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