Covid19 On Retirement Saving the World Stop Already

There is nothing as American as a good Social Justice Campaign but nothing takes a group’s power away like marauders and looters who have no clue about the inciting issue. I am sorry that happened.

Covid19 On Retirement

We’re all gonna Die 135.64.2

Since Retirement and Covid-19 are the new markers by which I measure my life I have to resist the urge to throw up my hands and proclaim and try out my best impression of Corporal Dwayne Hicks, in Aliens, “We’re all gonna die!”

Covid19 Saving the World

Apocalypse Now

“I alone can fix it.”

As a writer, I have given a lot of thought to the Apocalypse and how it would start. I have seen the Outbreak movies and the Global Disaster films. I honestly thought we would have a plan.