More than One Way to Skin a Cat?

Did you know there is more than one way to skin a cat?

Who wants to skin a cat in the first place?

Instead of coming up with a quick bit of Flash Fiction for Fiction Friday I thought I’d talk about places.

A Good First Impression

Two men in work-a-day suits were laying in the hallway. Their blood pooled and mixed on the floor. One man had reached out and hooked the cuff of the other man’s suit.

Fiction Friday – Truth is Stranger – Mining your Newspaper

But, really, the point of this isn’t just about putting newspapers to work solving mysteries that may lead to a lot of little memoirs to share with new found family. If you need stories, you should be Mining your Newspaper.
Newspapers are story starters.

Welcome to a Different Kind of Fiction Friday

Welcome to Fiction Friday. This week I am going to do something a little different. What does your work area include?  Is it organized chaos?  Is it as sterile as an Operating Room?  Maybe it is somewhere in between. My work area is often referred to as my Big Bird Nest.  I gather things around […]

Fiction Friday – It’s Not Me

Seriously! How long can one middle aged, overweight, lying, drinking idiot manage to stay alive?

I kept thinking you were one drink away from slipping in the shower. One Rancher Burger away from a heart attack. One lie away from insanity.

Fiction Friday – Untitled

“Now that it’s closer, I see what you mean. There’s blue and white under its wings. Should we call someone?”

“I don’t think so, it has to be here for a reason. Besides that I’m sure someone already called.”

Where Does Time Go? A Confession (Fiction Friday)

You think you are approaching the Space Time equivalent of the Big Bang and the Doctor comes in. Now, did he graduate last in his class and how much is it going to cost if he advises you not to buy green bananas?


I tried to make myself small. I was stuck there wondering if I should go back where I came from or go ahead and dart across to the corner I was headed for.

Then it happened. She let out the most blood curdling scream I ever heard. Who knew a little girl had all that inside her.

More Sugar, Please – Fiction Friday

Mike stood up and rested his butt on the porch railing. “Jo.” He said flatly. He stayed there for a few minutes taking stock of the work he’d paid for. Her hair never looked better and the clothes. Maybe the Battered Women’s Shelter could parse them out to women looking for work.

Fiction Friday – Character Building and Lost Grandmas

“That’s the thing, Marcy. I don’t know where I am.”

Panic rose from Marcy’s stomach and anchored itself in her vocal chords. “Can you ask someone where you are?” Now Marcy was beginning to shout. Marcy waited for a reply.

“Grandma?” Marcy had gone into full panic mode and got up from the café table. Her friend picked up on the urgency.

That’s My Last Victim

They don’t know he’s convinced them to volunteer information no one should have. The ladies will go home or to their offices and use those passwords. They will fill out forms and disclose things he doesn’t need.

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