Fiction Friday Short Short – Eraser

The Department of Defense has perfected a new weapon, code named Eraser. Much like Facbook’s Block Option, the US Government can find and make individual people disappear. Going beyond the limits of Facebook’s Block, this weapon makes the person vanish from everywhere. Poof. Without a trace. No records. What are you writing about?

Procrastinating, Dilly-dallying, Puttering

I have committed FaceBook-ary, Tweeted, researched the nature of Ravens and watched The Blacklist. Now, I’m here..

Character Development – NaNoWriMo 2016 Prep

Imagine your character as a cube. The surfaces may have huge or subtle differences in color, form, brightness or darkness. A character possesses human traits and emotions, all on a continuum. These characteristics may be muted or amplified depending on era, setting and situation.

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