On Being Married

Greetings from Frozen Montana. We have two seasons, Winter and July. It is almost cold enough to start telling “how cold is it” jokes.

Rear Window

Writers are eavesdroppers by nature. We are also voyueristic.
A few decades ago we had to have a great memory or a scratch pad to capture the moment we just saw.

Blowing the Dust Off

Life is a Story and for most of 2018, it went untold. I am glad to be back. I’m going to clear a space for Cleveland to keep me company.

Another Well Crafted Novel from Susan Henderson

THE FLICKER OF OLD DREAMS A Book Review Susan Henderson followed Up From the Blue with another awesome read, The Flicker of Old Dreams. You took me inside a work of art on so many levels. I became your characters. I was Mary as I read. You broke my heart, made me desolate and strange. […]

Rejection, Success and Mediocrity

I’ve said rejections are proof a writer is writing. Unless you are content with journaling and leaving manuscripts and essays in a secret drawer to be found after you have met with an unfortunate event, you are going to have to take a risk. Don’t let my run-on sentence stop you from reading about the […]

Fiction Friday Second Person

This writer took a huge chance on me, the reader, by taking me far far outside my experience.  Mark Jude Poirier made me participate in in the story as a gay teacher and for the length of the story I felt his lust for a student at his school. I will think about his motivation and the repercussions of his actions. More than that, I will think about what it was like to be this character.  

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Stephanie Grey

This Writerly Wednesday presents Stephanie Grey. I like to put the interview up front to put a person with their book. Interview      What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale? I had a book trailer made and pinned it to my Twitter page, Facebook author page, and website. That seems to […]

What is Your Shoe?

Walk into my room and come to find one of my Jordan Air Max 360s floating about five foot off the ground. Soon as I see it, my heart kinda go pie-yow! and my neck get hot. Then I smile at my foolish, foolish dumb-ass ass, and I say to myself my brother Ricky had done strung it …

The Time Walk-Back

He picks up a character five minutes before the story opens. Then one hour before, one week before, one year before and five years before the start of the story.

On Reading Deeply and Honoring the Writer

I’ve been working on a new novel and changing content and navigation on another website. While I was busy with index cards, representing pages on the chat room site, I came here to sit with my personal blog. I needed to see how I managed my static home page. Deadly dull, right? Well, I’m not […]

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