Writerly Wednesday Submissions

Hello Writers! (Please feel free to share this with any other writers you know)

Writerly Wednesday Submissions

I have been posting Writerly Wednesday for more than a year.  I am now accepting submissions for my Weekly Posts.

If you have been a previous guest you are welcome to come back.  If you have a new book fiction, non-fiction or creative non-fiction that has a buy link, go ahead and shoot me an email.

I have made a new list of Interview Questions and rearranged the format. You can see the older format examples at http://writerlywednesday.com.
Anyone who would like to participate in Writerly Wednesday should send me an email at sally@sallyfranklinchristie.com with the words Writerly Wednesday in the Subject Line.

Do not respond with a comment here, well, you are welcome to comment but I really need you to email if you want to participate.

I will send you the guidelines and choose a date for your appearance.

All you really need is a book, Fiction or NonFiction that has a buy link.

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The Deer saying “I am not sharing this with you!”