Lonesome Leghorn or Claiming Home to Roost

You’ve read about me catching a mouse in my bed, the great moth invasion, the guard-goose and the turtle who caught a bird.. Birthday Flowers from my Darling Husband VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL     This one is about RooShoo.  RooShoo is named for our original try at Roostering.  I won RooShoo the First after…… Continue reading Lonesome Leghorn or Claiming Home to Roost

April Foolery, the Turtle and Insurance Droppage

It is April 7th. Eternal Press released eight new titles today. It is snowing outside. We uprooted the turtle and put her in a bowl of warm water.

A few days ago I discovered my insurance company dumped me at the end of the year and now I have to pay for my gym membership.

On the first, my darling husband left me a thermos filled with clear coffee.