Brick House – Fiction Friday – If Walls Could Talk

I am the brick house, stop laughing, I was built by one of the three little pigs. I have been sent to represent the straw and stick houses that are long gone. I don’t have much to say for myself except to remind you that a well built structure beats anything slapped together in a…… Continue reading Brick House – Fiction Friday – If Walls Could Talk

Fiction Friday – Smoke House – Pork and Worms

They got hold of some old book and plan on killing a pig this year. They seem very nervous about it. They have to salt it and do it just right. Larry is scared half to death of getting some kind of worm. Mike is very supportive and says he’d rather be strung up and salted himself before he let Larry catch a worm. Honestly, if Larry caught a worm, Mike wouldn’t be able to get away from him fast enough. Larry with worms would be a real deal breaker.