April Sunday

After my DH grew tired of the St. Louis news, I opened a novella called the Holocaust Opera by Mark Edward Hall. I set the K2 to read this out loud to me. With the very good forward to the novella behind us and several pages into the story my gender senses began tingling. My son, as though reading my mind asks if the narrator is supposed to be a man’s voice. After the first person narrator took a shower, powdered up and put on heels, we were still thinking she could be a guy. I have to add here that with the dog fetching, DH chatting about awakening his motorcycle and my son plunking at the milk carton, the gender of the main character in the Holocaust Opera might well have been defined for us shortly after the closing of the forward comments.

Numb3rs, the Octo-Mom, H1N1 and Boycotting the News

Does anyone know what happened to the H1N1 flu?
How is Nadia, the Octo-Mom?
Did the television show, Numb3rs get cancelled?
With health care forgotten and the Barrels Per Day estimates making top news, and rightfully so, we might be missing out on some important news.


Is it a bad thing to admit to eaves dropping? Is it eavesdropping at all when there can be no expectation of privacy? Is my act of observation as much a crime as using a cell phone to capture images? Where is the line? How do we know we have crossed it?