Writerly Round-Up (26 May – 1 June)

Writers use red herrings the way magicians use sleight of hand—to distract their readers from seeing what’s really there. In this video tutorial, award-winning author Jane K. Cleland explains how to use red herrings to build page-turning suspense.

Writerly Round-Up (12 – 18 May)

In my youth, I wanted to be older than my brother, I thought I could run the world and time passed at a snail’s pace.

Funny how my take on reality has changed.

I am okay with my brother being the oldest of 8, I am not going to run for president in 2020 and another week has passed.

Welcome back to another Writerly Round-Up. You will see snippets of things that fluttered into my email, Facebook or Twitter feed during the week. Hover and click on the Headlines and you will be whisked out of my post and into the whole article that caught my attention.

Writerly Round-Up (5 – 11 May)

Writerly Round-Up Mary Carroll Moore

When we have an idea for a book, that original vision feels whole, complete in our minds. The force of its image drives us to write. But as we write, we must force this wholeness through the narrow funnel of the linear brain. It can get squeezed and jumbled, come out on the page with gaps.

In our minds, it’s still whole. But on the page, there are missing pieces.