Writerly Round-Up (1 – 6 April)

If I Should Die

These are things I gathered during the week. I hope some of them are helpful or at the very least, entertaining.

Mockup2-1500x2400pixelsThis week I am adding a bit of shameless self-promotion. Kim Richards Gilchrist helped with cover art, editing and formatting so that I could release my New Author’s Revised Edition of If I Should Die. This title is available for pre-order at Amazon and will go live on 12 April 2016.

Writerly Round-Up (February 25 – March 2)

Welcome back to my Writerly Round-Up. I am gathering a smattering of interesting things that crossed my social media path or appeared in my e-mail.

Writerly Round-Up

During the week I tweet, share or post various writerly news that comes into my email, a book I am reading or through social media in general. Here are some weekly highlights. Welcome to my Writerly Round-Up.