Winter and July or What’s Up With That?

And sex in a bathtub? Have you tried it? Seems pretty cold, hard and awkward to me. What if I am overwhelmed by the urge to pee or my husband suddenly exclaims he needs to hop out real quick and apply some juice?

Yes, We Have Two Seasons, Winter and July

July in Montana VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Hello Everyone and Happy July.   I am so glad our corner of southwest Montana finally came to life.    These are Photos of the Christie Family Picnic number 126.  There are pictures of my flowers and the fireworks as seen from the top of our driveway. …… Continue reading Yes, We Have Two Seasons, Winter and July

Lost in the Cloud

Have any of you tried this not so new thing called cloud computing?   I thought it was high time I gave it a go.  Especially considering the number of photos and files I’ve lost from various computer retirements.  So, there I was, had all of the right hardware, software, and connections.  I logged in…… Continue reading Lost in the Cloud