Oh, my gosh.. I am posting!

I am not going to mention I’ve been leaning into Facebook and posting fewer things here. I won’t say this site is undergoing a huge update and reorganization.  I won’t tell you what fresh hell I stumbled into while formatting and reformatting a couple of titles. Happy Writerly Wednesday to you all. I have news.…… Continue reading Oh, my gosh.. I am posting!

If Walls Could Talk

An anthology of short stories written from the perspective of individual ‘houses.’ Who hasn’t wondered what would happen If Walls Could Talk?

Fiction Friday – The Lake House

Everyone brings baggage. The disagreements usually occur in my upper reaches where not everyone sees the dirty laundry. Usually it is a parent who disapproves of the new ‘important other’ in a son or daughter’s life. They all manage to get to the table and celebrate the event at hand.