Meth House Woes

– I sit here in dingy aloneness. The electricity, water, and heat are off. My windows are blank. Everything left behind after the bust and search are still here. The food has gone over and I sit in a state of depression and I hope or wish they’d just plow me over and put me out of my lonely misery.

From a Doghouse all Empty and Sad

The first was a golden retriever. She was a beautiful dog. Brandy lived here till she was white in the muzzle. She made a game of hiding things inside me.

You should have seen her toting a painted top from one of the kids. It was the kind you push down on and watch it spin. There was a shoe, I think all dogs take a shoe at some point in their lives. She brought some mittens all balled together. Dolls. Balls. There were a lot of things she’d bring out.

Habakkuk – If Walls Could Talk

Habakkuk 2:11 The stones of the wall will cry out, and the beams of the woodwork will echo it. This is the most frightening thing I ever heard. It made my brother’s taunts to tell on me seem frivolous. I may not have done anything but I sure had thoughts. Thoughts and wishes that sometimes…… Continue reading Habakkuk – If Walls Could Talk