Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Kathy Fischer-Brown

Kathy Fischer-Brown

— Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times

“Kathy Fischer-Brown weaves a tale of intrigue set to a backdrop of history and romance…. This is a touching story, the characters are vivid, the history is accurate, and the details really give the story a sense of place.”

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Amy Ruttan

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Amy.

1. In three days, all power will go off, everywhere for a very long time. What will you include in your author survival kit? Notepads and pens because I know a battery pack on my laptop wouldn’t last long. An old fashioned typewriter, lots of paper (good to burn to stay warm up here in Canada) and Diet Coke.

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Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Mary McCall

Welcome Mary McCall!  Better Late than Not at All!  I forgot to send Mary an email with the guidelines and questions, DOH, last night I realized I saved the draft and didn’t hit the Send Button.     writer’s website: buy link: Sisters by Choice Book II: Highland Promise from Champagne Books: prequel buy link:…… Continue reading Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Mary McCall