Pop Up Haunted House – Fiction Friday

Previous Fiction Friday Posts are at http://fiction-friday.com . Halloween Pop Up House I am a card stock and glue pop up house from a child’s Halloween Pop Up book. Most of the time I am kept folded on the shelf. Spine facing out of course. I am the center bit of the book. The Center…… Continue reading Pop Up Haunted House – Fiction Friday

I Didn’t Do It, Really Officer

Once in a while, a group of pedestrians will stop and point, smile and laugh out loud.

Yesterday, I left the gym, and at the first stop light while waiting for the other drivers to turn left on red, a policeman in a marked car was checking me out. Not, me, my car, I’m not that cool. The next intersection the same thing happened, then a third cop drove by me, I was anxious to get home, like home is a sort of base and whatever is going on will end when I open my front door.

I do not break traffic laws or any laws in general, I claim all of my income on my taxes and never turn right on a red light, much to the distain of the guy behind me who wanted a jump on the next light. I don’t murder, blackmail, shoplift, sell my prescription drugs, or aim guns at passers-by and don’t want to be pulled over and have to assert my innocence.