Steak House – Fiction Friday – If Walls Could Talk

The most exciting thing that has happened here, keep in mind me and the I H O P across the parking lot are only about ten years occupied. The most exciting thing was when a flat screen television came crashing down and wiped out two patrons in one fell swoop.

Blazing Houseboat – If Walls Could Talk – Fiction Friday

That was when Captain Green Sleeves began chasing the sea bird.

Around the corner the bird flapped out of the sheltered part of the docks. At the edge the bird took a turn and flapped right into the boat. The cat came directly after. The boat bounced twice, a small bounce. The cat chased the bird further onto me and for some reason the Captain leaped up onto the top edge of the mattress.

As a result of physics, the mattress toppled over onto the space heater.