Habakkuk – If Walls Could Talk

Habakkuk 2:11 The stones of the wall will cry out, and the beams of the woodwork will echo it. This is the most frightening thing I ever heard. It made my brother’s taunts to tell on me seem frivolous. I may not have done anything but I sure had thoughts. Thoughts and wishes that sometimes…… Continue reading Habakkuk – If Walls Could Talk

Short Fiction Saturday – He Completes Me

“You know, Jade,” she began as she set the cutting board in the sink. “I get it more than you’ll ever know.” A tiny wave of envy swept through Tracy’s recovering body. She reached for her prescription bottle and clutched it tight to her chest. “More than you know.”

Flash Fiction Friday brought to us by Becca Butcher

Becca Butcher brings us a Flash Fiction Friday.

This came about when I uploaded a photo of some deer that hang around my Montana home. They ate all of the plums from the North Yard, then they ate the pumpkins from Halloween and now they have to stand on their hind legs to reach what ever it is on our tree in the North yard. The photo was taken through our double paned window and if you can manipulate it you will see she has snow on her back.