Shell Spring, Yellowstone National Park

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A slightly recycled post.

My favorite place in Yellowstone National Park. This is Shell Spring. The words are a flash fiction contest entry and yes, it was the winner.

If Walls Could Talk – Gingerbread Big Box Store

The class decided to put all of us gingerbread buildings and houses together on two tables side by side in the lunchroom.

Some of the houses fell apart in the hallway during the transfer and the kids quickly glooped them back together on the spot.

Outhouse – If These Walls Could Talk – 2

2 Yes, I am an humble outhouse. I was slapped together and mounted over a rather deep hole. A wide hole, I was a double seater. Toilet paper hung from sawed off broom nailed to the walls like giant dragon perches. Sure, I smelled. I still do. The smell is in my pores, deep in…… Continue reading Outhouse – If These Walls Could Talk – 2