Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Karina Fabian – Blog Tour Extra

Karina has been here before and she always entertains. She has multiple books and does some really nice fundraisers as well. So, let’s see what Karina has to say…

Writerly Wednesday Special Edition – Live and Let Fly

For a dragon detective with a magic-slinging nun as a partner, saving the worlds gets routine. So, when the U.S. government hires Vern and Sister Grace to recover stolen secrets for creating a new Interdimensional Gap—secrets the U.S. would like to keep, thank you—Vern sees a chance to play Dragon-Oh-Seven.

Writerly Wednesday Presents Kari Thomas

Writerly Wednesday has a new web address that will take you to the complete guest list. http://writerlywednesday.com Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Kari Thomas.   Bio: I am a multi published author writing mainly in the Paranormal Romance genre. I love the possibilities the Paranormal world allows a writer to create. All my books have sexy heroes…… Continue reading Writerly Wednesday Presents Kari Thomas