Cleveland Chronicles – Dog Days of Summer?

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac we are past the Dog Days of Summer. Cleveland is stretched out on the hardwood floor casting me a doubtful eye.

I’ll Do It, I’ll Do It

I have been so busy I’ve neglected my blog. I inherited The Writer’s Chatroom.  When Audrey was at the end of her rope with work, family with health issues and life in general she mentioned closing the Chatroom Site. Of course, as a true addict to the regular chats, my hand shot up, like Horshack…… Continue reading I’ll Do It, I’ll Do It

Cleveland Chronicles

Welcome to an overdue Cleveland Chronicles post. “I’m here, take a break, give me something to do.” I’ve taken a handful of classes about web design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Audrey Shaffer recently stepped back from her role as web/newsletter/chatroom moderator at The Writer’s Chatroom.  She mentioned shutting the site down.  Of course, my hand…… Continue reading Cleveland Chronicles