Press Release – Milk Carton People

Press Release – Milk Carton People


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Bozeman, MT – 15 February 2013 –

Montana Author Exposes a Silent Epidemic of Missing Persons in America

Paranormal Suspense author Sally Franklin Christie presents her second novel Milk Carton People.  This novel takes readers inside the world of missing persons from the perspective of missing people.

As of December 31, 2011, The National Crime Information Center, NCIC, contained 85,158 Active Missing Person Records.  These files contain various categories of missing persons.  Among them are unidentified deceased persons and persons of any age who are living and unable to determine their identity.   Files also address unidentified catastrophe victims.

Milk Carton People is a paranormal thriller about people who suddenly find themselves invisible, able to observe things but unable to participate.  Do they go mad?  Maybe they find others.  It is quite possible that there is no point in being invisible.

This is a book that plays on the very thin line of sanity and pure despair.  The characters act and react to the new challenges and the reader gets to go along for the ride.

Milk Carton People by Sally Franklin Christie was inspired by article research she was gathering on the topic of missing people.  Christie delved into the frustrations of people from the perspective of missing people instead of the people who missed them.  Unidentified people are part of what described as a Silent Mass Disaster in America.

“During 2011, 1,030 unidentified person records were entered into NCIC, These people deserve a name.” says Christie.  “If more people knew about this silent epidemic more cases could be canceled and many people could have closure, surrounding a loved one’s disappearance.”

About the Author

Christie is experienced in organizing for social change and has a knack for spotting problems others can relate to.  She takes it one step further by gathering information toward solving those problems.  She is a past president and board member of the Coalition of Montanans Concerned with Disabilities, CMCD, and worked to help the disability community with legislation in the early days of the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA.  Christie combines her organizing experience with a love for writing.

Milk Carton People

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