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Press Release for If I Should Die

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CONTACT: Sally Franklin Christie, 406-209-1403,

 Murder, Embezzlement, Betrayal and Silence abound in this Suspense Novel

BOZEMAN, MT – 1 APRIL 2016 – If I Should Die, New Author’s Revised Edition, will be Released on 12 April 2016.

Sally Franklin Christie, a Montana writer, will celebrate the new edition release of her novel, If I Should Die, a suspense, thriller about Murder, Embezzlement, Betrayal and Silence.

This novel is set in southwest Montana in Bozeman and surrounding areas.  Peyton Farley, the main character is helping a newspaper editor track down some information on a big businessman when a series of unexpected events unfold that send ripples and splashes from Spokane to Arkansas.


Peyton Farley has settled into a new life in southwest Montana.  Research and fact checking for a local newspaper is a perfectly safe job, or is it?  One morning, Peyton awakens and finds a strange man in lace up work boots who is bleeding out on her kitchen floor.  As Peyton calls 911 from her bedroom, someone is stealing the body.

Who is the dead man?

Why is he bleeding to death in Peyton’s apartment?

Can one research assignment evolve into murder, embezzlement, betrayal and silence?

If I Should Die is a suspenseful journey into the lives of many people.  The choices and impacts are repulsive and inspiring.  Silence will never sound the same.


Sally Franklin Christie lives in southwestern Montana with her son, Dan and her husband, Clifford.

Her daughter, Sarah and three grandchildren are never far away and a constant source of inspiration.

Christie is a long time blogger at Life is a Story – Tell it Big and a Moderator at The Writer’s Chatroom.

She worked as an organizer and board member for the Coalition of Montanans Concerned with Disabilities and was active during the earliest days of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In her non-writing moments, she dabbles at landscape painting and crochet projects. Her favorite phrase is “Don’t touch anything sharp.”

If I Should Die: Murder, Embezzlement, Betrayal and Silence is available to Pre-Order at

This novel is scheduled to release on 12 April 2016.

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CONTACT: Sally Franklin Christie, 406-209-1403,

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