Why I Failed NaNoWriMo

Photo by Casey Allen on Unsplash

Soon, it was sitting on my shoulder and talking me into second guessing every choice. “Bring what’s her name out of that other project and see how well she handles this.” The vulture got me.

Oh, my gosh.. I am posting!

I am not going to mention I’ve been leaning into Facebook and posting fewer things here. I won’t say this site is undergoing a huge update and reorganization.  I won’t tell you what fresh hell I stumbled into while formatting and reformatting a couple of titles. Happy Writerly Wednesday to you all. I have news.…… Continue reading Oh, my gosh.. I am posting!

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Stephanie Grey

This Writerly Wednesday presents Stephanie Grey. I like to put the interview up front to put a person with their book. Interview      What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale? I had a book trailer made and pinned it to my Twitter page, Facebook author page, and website. That seems to…… Continue reading Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Stephanie Grey