Baby by Shelby Miller
346 Days Since Retirement
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Retirement, you know what it is. You can suddenly pull the Fixed Income card when something costly comes up.

You can wake up at any time you want to and treck out to the car and announce a day trip to Yellowstone National Park and you can rent a room near Old Faithful, or the Lake and stay over. The only thing holding you back is two tortoises who may need to be fed. Tortoises don’t care much for traveling, at least I don’t think so. How do you tell when a Tortoise is excited?

Yes, we timed retirement to begin on the cusp of a word-wide pandemic.

276 Days into the Pandemic
a momma monkey and her child

We can count exactly 0 non-genetically related people who have visited inside our house for the last 276 days.

“Do you have your mask?” has replaced our “Good-bye, be careful, don’t touch anything sharp” send offs when my Y Chromosomes leave the house.

Nice bird on a branch in the snow

Winter is here but seems as dreary as the rest of the world. I never thought I’d wish for snow to come and cover all of the burnt umber bushes and yellow ochre grass.

Wait, Winter starts in 10 days!

I still wish and if wishes were horses.

15,782,055 People Dx with Covid 19

I keep saying we should have stayed locked down another 2 or 3 weeks, but this is America and attention spans are reduced to soundbites. I take issue with the spelling of the word Soundbites, as a bit of a computer geek, I always thought it was spelled, SoundByte.

The blond guy on the right, looking so serious is there for no reason at all. I hope you enjoy it.