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Retirement Day #188

Not a lot is going on. I thought it would be a good year to go to Yellowstone Park, again. But no one wants to behave in a safe manner. I really wish the adults would understand that the longer they take to become compliant, the longer it will be before their children go back to school.

Pandemic Day # 177

Way back in March the WHO/CDC told us not to use masks. They needed that PPE for the Health Care workers. We have a leader saying it was all going to go away. Then he called a shutdown to flatten the curb. Then said he wouldn’t wear a mask. Doofus entertained us with the idea of UV light and disinfection of our lungs. Then he lost interest and goaded everyone to open back up to save the economy. And I don’t know why I am telling this to you, you were there and now we can’t put the jelly back in the doughnut.

Number of US Cases as I write this on 6 July 2,886,267
US Deaths 129,811
Number of People I have interacted with in the past two week who don’t live in my house 7

And I can name them all.

New Cases between yesterday and today 44,361 New Cases* (7/6/2020)

Go ahead and mouse or hoover over the different parts of the map, I haven’t gone into the future to check, but, I suspect the numbers change at least daily.

I’ve been working on this website for a bit more than a week. I am learning some SuperPowered Gutenburg Editing. I threw in the Covid-19 Map for no other reason than I learned I can. Now, I need food. Bad. I may come back and add to this when my Hangry is replaced by Pickle Barrel Sandwiches.

Okay, I remembered what I was going to say.

If you go back up to Pandemic Day # 117 you will see I talked about wearing masks or waiting till the Health Care folks had a stockpile.

What I am about to say will not be helpful but I feel like if I don’t say it, well, I’ll say it somewhere else where everyone can talk back at me.. Yes, you are welcome to reply to this post but I get to see it before every other reader sees it. Don’t you wish I’d get to the point?

If someone in charge of our Reality Show had not defunded and disbanded the people in the CDC around the same time #bunkerBoy put out a list of forbidden words for the CDC Website to follow, we would have had more than enough masks and gowns and ventilators to go around. They could have gotten a leg up at the end of December when I first heard of the outbreak of atypical pneumonia in China.

It isn’t like no one saw this coming.

I also think strong leadership would have allowed Governors to join together and make a single big plan going forward. After a bit of vocabulary building they would all be on the same page. In a perfect world where the CDC/WHO hadn’t been undone, they would have been able to supply the masks we should have had on March 11th. They could have mandated as a United Force. But it didn’t go down like that, did it?

I bet you are glad I ate that Bobcat Pickle Barrel Sandwich so I could ditch the Hangry and get on with my post.

I am climbing down from my Soap Box and I’m going to see what other writerly chaos I can sow.

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Till next time.. Don’t touch anything sharp.

Sally Franklin Christie