Stop Already

Retirement Day # 156

I only looked away for a minute. Okay, I lied, it has been 3 weeks. 21 days, how did that happen? If I had been here, could I have stopped the world from turning? Could I have saved George Floyd? Could I have thrown a hasp on #BunkerBoy when he was inspecting his bunk?

21 Days Since My Last Post

10 Days of Protests over the death of George Floyd and four ex-police officers are in jail. Probably as safe as though they were in the Whitehouse Bunker.

10 Days of Nation-Wide Demonstrations

We are 85 Days into the Covid-19 Epidemic. Health Departments all over the Nation are dreading the fallout from 10 days of travel and communion. There is nothing as American as a good Social Justice Campaign but nothing takes a group’s power away like marauders and looters who have no clue about the inciting issue. I am sorry that happened.

85 Days into the Covid-19 Pandemic

As I compose this 110,000 people in the United States have died of Covid-19. 1,004 died, today.

110,000 Died in the US

1004 People Died of Covid-19, Today

I will try not to wait so long between posts. I doubt my dilly-dally-ing had any effect on the state of the world or America as it circles the drain. Till next time, don’t touch anything sharp.