Oh, my gosh.. I am posting!

milk carton people cover art

I am not going to mention I’ve been leaning into Facebook and posting fewer things here.

I won’t say this site is undergoing a huge update and reorganization. 

I won’t tell you what fresh hell I stumbled into while formatting and reformatting a couple of titles.

Happy Writerly Wednesday to you all.

I have news.
milk carton people cover art
Milk Carton People

Early next week Milk Carton People a revised author’s edition will go live.

If I Should Die and If Walls Could Talk are both live at Amazon to borrow or buy.

My Milk Carton People book trailer has been updated and I am almost ready to start promoting all three titles.

Logo for Castelane

I want to put in a recommendation for Castelane. Kim made my first trailer after is put in a headbanging effort to make my own. I was banned from Office Depot because posing and photographing office supplies presented some sort of security issue. They may have forgotten me or forgiven me by now, but my kids say they can’t take me anywhere.

I was saying, Kim made and edited my If I Should Die trailer and yesterday did the same thing for my Milk Carton People.

Thank you Castelane.

Be well, everyone and don’t touch anything sharp.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.