God Laughs When I Make A Plan (2017)

Another year is ending.

Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

Remember when we were kids and it took four years for a new year to come around?  Remember when we couldn’t wait to get back to school so we could write the new year at the top of our papers?  Remember when our lives were nothing but untapped potential?

The second two of those are still true for me.  I like change and I like to write the new year on my various posts, cards and WIPs.  Each year is still full of potential.  However, the years now pass by at four times the speed of my youth.

I don’t make specific New Year’s resolutions.  I think they make God Laugh.  But I do hang on, cling, hold tight to the idea of meeting people and accepting them wherever they may be on their own path instead of expecting them to meet me on my turf.  It takes less work each year.

In 2017 I will continue to do the same things, remember, God Laughs when I make a plan.


Image of Crochet ProjectI will continue watercolor painting, landscape painting in acrylic, various crochet projects and I am determined to finish a long simmering WIP.  Wedged in between these projects I intend to get my SpoonRiver of Houses and Milk Carton People back up at Amazon.

During 2017, enjoy your time.  Savor it.  Let it wash over you and embrace change.  If things get to be too much for you, share your load with a friend.  We are always glad to be needed, validated and worthy of helping our fellow human.

Always remember, don’t touch anything sharp.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.