5 Things Successful People Do.. a Writer’s Chatroom Topic

Grant Cardone Founder and CEO, Grant Cardone Sales Training provided the core of the things I’ve chosen for thisWriterly Wednesday Post. You Can find the original article here.. I have used the 1 – 5 headings word for word and put my personal thoughts below them.

Thank you Flo Stanton for providing this link.

This is going to be the topic at The Writer’s Chatroom, tonight, 20 August 2014 at 6PM MDT..

5 Things Successful People Do that Others Don’t

Are you stalled out in your writing life? Are you having trouble finding the time to write or promote or blog? Do you need something a little more serious than butt glue?

Let’s try some of these pointers from Grant Cardone about Successful People..

1. They Go to Work to Prosper, Not Just to Work

I know some of you are thinking that writing for the big payoff is similar to selling your body for grocery money. You need to take on the attitude .. “I’ll Write For Money.” “I’ll Write as if my Life Depends on It.”

If Writing has become a painful, drag yourself to the computer issue, then, maybe now isn’t the time for you. But then I’ve heard Dr. Phil say, “Fake it Till You Make it. Think .. When Harry Met Sally.

2. They Exercise Incredible Drive

Are you driven? If this is an issue for you then concentrate on this aspect of success.

Think Nike.. Just Do It.

Life is a Story – Tell it Big. Don’t let another day pass without doing something in your writing life.

Once, I can’t remember exactly what it was, I complained that I couldn’t do something.

My Darling Husband asked.. “When have you ever started something you really wanted and didn’t finish?”

3. They Never Make Excuses

Can’t Never Did Anything.

The parrot crapped all over my submission. Print a new copy.

I’ve already had 6 rejections. Rack up 60.

Don’t blame it on economy. Don’t blame it on the stuck up editors and publishers you are trying to approach.

Don’t say you don’t have time.

Anyone who can’t find time should visit with Karina Fabian.

Don’t get lost thinking someone else can do it better. Do your best and honor those who came before you by writing through the excuses.

4. They Focus on Their Goals Daily

I have never been able to plan into the future.

At Audrey’s Goal Setting Chats each year I tell myself, “This is the Year I will Set and Achieve Goals.”

Then I think, “Nevermind.”

I do have a task list, a small list of goals that I jot down in my DayTimer and I check them off as I finish. These goals are realistic for me and I tend to get them done.

I do not believe in multi-tasking.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can do more than one thing at a time.

I recently saw a demonstration on Brain Games that validated my stand on multi-tasking.

Do one thing, one do-able thing.

Then move on to the next.

Checking off a bunch of small tasks will boost your ego.


Do it one day at a time.

Finally, Successful People –

5. They Are Willing to Fail

I and the author who wrote the original post, like to think of failure as a learning or teaching moment.

Remember the 6 rejection letters? Big deal, right? Maybe, you can tweak your submission letter. Maybe, you didn’t adhere to the guidelines. Maybe, it just isn’t the right market for you.

Be willing to collect a wall full of rejection letters. It is proof that you are a writer.

Don’t set your goals so big you are destined to fail. Don’t make excuses. Become excited about what you chose to do and write toward the big payoff. You define the payoff. Make it a goal you can reach and then get it done.

Thank you again, Flo Stanton for the topic and thank you Grant Cardone for writing the post I relied on when I wrote this post.

Don’t touch anything sharp.

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Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.

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