Fiction Friday – Know your Enemy

Fiction Friday – Know your Enemy….

This Fiction Friday topic is about Knowing your Enemy.

Definition of antagonist in English:


Syllabification: an·tag·o·nist

Pronunciation: /an?tag?nist



  • 1a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary:he turned to confront his antagonist’

Your Protagonist is only as well rounded as your Antagonist.

What does your antagonist want?  What scares him?  Is there something he would never do, even if his life depended on it?  What does he dream about?  Who does he love?  Are his parents living nearby?

Everything you consider when building your main character should be considered when you are fleshing out your bad guy.

If you haven’t done this, open a file for your antagonist and start asking him questions.  One very good way to learn about him is to ask him what he thinks is going on.  Do this at various points during your first draft.  He will surprise you.

Knowing your enemy is key to motivation.


While you are exploring your bad guy go ahead and push him to his limits.  Make him do that thing he’d rather die than do.

The notes you make on your antagonist may never see your final draft but I am sure your story will be better for having taken the time to know him.

Till next week – don’t touch anything sharp!

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