Fiction Friday – Character Creation

Do You Know this Woman?

The Woman in the Featured Image is real, her remains were discovered in Montana in 2004.  She is waiting for someone to give her a name.  More information is at NamUs.

This week on Fiction Friday I thought I’d revisit one of my favorite writing activities.
Potential Main Character

Fiction Friday – Character Creation

One of my favorite places to visit in search of characters is

Fake Name Generator.

I let the site choose a random gender, American name, located in the United States.

Brenda W. Brouwer

2726 Chapmans Lane
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Brenda Brouwer has the following information generated with her name and address.


Email Address:

This is a real email address. Click here to activate it! 

Username: Imosed1951

Password: oVee7zoo

Mother’s Maiden name: Kent

Birthday: September 7, 1951 (62 years old)

Visa: 4539 0701 9976 2571

Expires: 8/2019

CVV2 196


You should click here to find out if your SSN is online.

 Favorite color: Purple

Occupation: Water transportation pilot

Company: Schweggmanns


Vehicle: 2006 Nissan Altima

UPS Tracking Number: 1Z 290 686 15 2191 987 3

Blood type: O+

Weight: 207.5 pounds (94.3 kilograms)

Height: 5′ 1″ (154 centimeters)

GUID: 67d5b588-0d2c-4b73-9c93-10ee8c2c9313

Geo coordinates: 35.147928, -106.553079

QR Code: Click to view the QR code for this identity

I’ve disabled some embedded links.  If you were going to do something illegal, there is an option to make the email live for a limited time.  I am sure you can imagine your own ideas for using the information generated on this site.  I am not recommending anything more serious than fleshing out a character to use in your WIPs. 

I also interview characters.  I give them homes, favorite rooms, closets filled with good things and skeletons if the story calls for them.  I do a timeline of life events.  When did her first tooth fall out?  Where was she?

Does she have health problems?  Is she caught up in someone else’s personality disorder?

What is the last thing this character would do?  Sure, I can make her do it.  Do I wan’t to?  We’ll see when we get there.

Thank you for visiting with me on Fiction Friday.  Please, leave a comment.

I’ll see you next week.  Don’t touch anything sharp.

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