Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Dorothy Knight

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Dorothy Knight, author of extra-ordinary and robust ‘Mystery Crime Thrillers’ and the inspirational creator of some amazing works fresh out of Africa.

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1.   What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale?

Word of mouth. But that was clearly not enough, despite many of my friends, fb friends and acquaintances buying Cannibal Man. The book is about a serial killer that is tracked by two seasoned policemen. The policemen not only have to deal with the public demanding the killer be caught, they also have to deal with corruption within the police systems and the judicial system. Which leads to an interesting ending.

The world seems to be hungry for stories from Africa – hence my writing. But sadly the publishing industry in South Africa is very small, and I don’t really have the know-how to promote my book. I have, however, recently started exploring other avenues, such as review sites and my agent, an angel called Emerantia Parnell Gilbert, broadcasts me to the world from her web pages. The book is on the violent side, which would be foreign for people living in first world countries, as they do not deal with almost one thousand rapes and eighty murders daily. And those are just some of the more serious crimes.

2.   What do you like about your publisher or why did you decide to Self Publish?

I like Damnation Books as they did most of the hard work e.g. the cover design, the editing, the promotion of the book and the redistribution thereof. Things that I know nothing about despite being in the broadcasting and printing media for decades.

3.   What do you have under your bed?

Fat Bertha! And she takes up all the space. And of course bum fluff and dead spiders. Fat Bertha is my suitcase. She is light blue and weighs about 40 tons and is very old. Luckily she has wheels. And I can fit my entire life into her. One of the original suitcases that came out with a pull-out handle and wheels and side pockets for brick mobile phones. Together, she and I have travelled the world. Seen many places, people and things. Dogs have peed on her, birds have spotted her, and many, many people, including myself, have fallen over her. And of course airport personnel love her – she has been searched by more people than I care to remember.

4.   Are you a plotter or a pantser when you are writing?

Yes, I am a big schemer. I love plotting my stories before I write. But that does not stop strange characters and events jumping into my head at any old time. Generally I plot the story from beginning to the end.

5.   Do you write in a bubble or do you prefer critique groups, writing buddies or other companionship during the process?

I write in an absolute bubble. All has to be quiet. No radios, music or televisions. I never show my work to any one, except my daughter, while I am writing. I believe that too many outside input, being it bad or good, would influence my creativity. It is sacred to me until finished. My daughter has always been brutally honest with me – she would flat out tell me if the day’s writing was crap. And in so many words. Other than that, she is a wonderful child.

6.   When do ideas come to you and how do you capture them?

In the middle on the night when I am supposed to sleep. The ideas just jump into my head and often refuse to budge – I have to write them away. I also pull a great deal of stories from my almost thirty years as a journalist in Africa where I sometimes had to report during serious conflict situations.

7.      What is your favorite word processing program and what other tools do you use, pen, notebooks, white board, index cards, finger on fogged bathroom mirrors?

I use word. Always has. But next to my computer is a pad of paper and a pencil. I jot these ideas down, stick them onto the wall next to me in my study, that way I can use them as a quick reference. I have also been known to write notes on my palm or on my driver’s licence.


Photo of Dorothy Knight
Dorothy Knight

Dorothy Knight, author of extra-ordinary and robust ‘Mystery Crime Thrillers’ and the inspirational creator of some amazing works fresh out of Africa.

Living in an uncertain world where violence, murder and genocide, and the constant threat of terrorism generated by rebel and tribal warfare continues to be a daily occurrence, our author and former African daily newspaper journalist, has seen and done her share of reporting about these harrowing facts of life in the country of her birth.

Her love for her homeland, South Africa and its many diverse continents and peoples is obvious, and slow and loathe to moving away to another country where she and her family might be able to live in a safer environment, Dorothy Knight continues to hang on tenaciously to the lifestyle she has been accustomed to all her life. She devotes all her time to writing her books at their secluded family farm, away from the bustle of city living. Where she is surrounded by native African bush, and diverse flora and fauna and where her inspiration will never run dry. We are proud to be able to present her new book entitled ‘CANNIBAL MAN’, out now and may be purchased at Damnation Books.com or at Amazon.com, and in shops where all good books are sold.


Not for the faint of heart or those with a weak stomach

Cover for Cannibal Man
Cannibal Man

disposition, “CANNIBAL MAN” may not be your choice of book to read. But if you relish dark mystery crime thrillers with a different stroke such as this psychological horror story is, that offers a satisfying and just end to those who are deserving of due punishment for their murderous deeds, than “CANNIBAL MAN”  is the book for you.

So if you feel besieged by an overwhelming urge of curiosity (the kind that killed the cat) then by all means we invite, no dare you, to buy yourself a copy of “Cannibal Man” and take your chances. A classic graphic horror tale, this book will leave the reader nervously glimpsing over their shoulder, indeed wondering where fiction leaves off, and realism begins.

 Email: knight.writer.dorothy@gmail.com

Buy Link for Cannibal Man at Damnation where all books are 50% off during October 2013..  Use this code at check-out 31Halloween2013

The following Excerpt has been cut short to minimize scrolling and load time..


People living in cities seldom know their neighbours. Especially in Johannesburg. Properties are surrounded with eight to ten foot high walls. With electric barriers installed on top of the high walls. The city became known as a gated community. Entrance could only be gained if an occupant chose to open an electric gate and a string of smaller security gates. Yet the murders, burglars and rapists get in. That is part of their genius. Inside the gated community’s homes, are laser beams, panic buttons and more security doors.  His latest victim has all those gadgets, but she also had a massive big tree with branched hanging over the pavement. He scaled these branches like a monkey.

It was only when her corpse started reeking that the neighbours alarmed the authorities. They first alerted the council thinking that it may be a drain that is blocked. That was a sickness of the new South Africa: very poor service delivery, which, among other things saw raw sewerage that running down the streets. But the council workers came, a few days later and only after numerous irate calls, saw nothing wrong in their systems, but admitted that the air reeked of something rotting, and then left after spending their extended lunch and tea times under the shady tree on the pavement. If the drain was blocked on a private property, the onus was on the owner to get a plumber. So they shrugged their shoulders and left.

Someone actually climbed over the fence and walked around the house calling ‘hallo’ as he walked. It was a co-worker who got worried. He gained entrance through the old lady’s yard. The old lady watched his every move. Needless to say the only answer he got was a strong whiff of decay. All the windows were closed.

“Shall I break a window?” the co-worker shouted at the elderly neighbour.

“Shouldn’t we call the police first?”

“Do you think they will come?”

“Who knows …?”

The co-worker then picked up a stone from the Koi pond and threw it at the bedroom window. The stone darted to one side as it hit the window’s frame work. The co-worker picked up the stone and tried again. This time he stood closer to the window.

The window shattered through the leafy suburb. Birds went quiet. The co-worker then forced the bedroom curtain back and was greeted by a swarm of flies and an awful sight. He remembers screaming and screaming. The elderly neighbour stood paralyzed behind her security gate.

Then someone shouted that they must call the police. The police was called and wanted very long and tiresome details. “Somebody was killed!” shouted a caller. They were met with a sigh, as if to say: “Yes and? She is dead already! What do you want us to do about that? Try and resuscitate her rotting corpse back to life?”

 Final Note from Sally –  This book has a heat rating 5 of 5 and a violence rating 5 of 5.

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