UPS is Tracking Me – Is UPS Big Brother?

I just signed up for email alerts from UPS.  UPS is Tracking Me….


Yesterday, the Motor Drive I ordered to replace the drive on my telescope mount arrived.  My son and I spent quality time removing the old motor and attaching the new.  Quality time because we both like to ‘get our geek on’ and because there was only one moment of frustration related to a lost screw we needed to make a small adjustment.


This came by UPS.  I like tracking packages and ‘getting my geek on,’ so I thought I’d try a new way of tracking a package and learned that UPS is tracking me!


I filled in my name, address and the usual things found on a form.


The form took me back a few times because I missed an important field.


When I was just about done, UPS asked for 3 more bits of information.  This is where I began to feel watched.  The questions were multiple choice.


The first one listed cars that might be registered to my address.  Right there at the top of the choices in all caps was the word THUNDERBIRD.


The next question was about recent, previous addresses.  Again, where the heck is Big Brother hiding?  One of my daughter’s recent addresses was in the list, but I had not lived at any address listed.  I chose None of the Above.


I was a little creeped out and the third question would set even the most medicated among us on edge.


I was presented with a short list of people.  I was asked to choose the person I was most closely related to.  All but one were strangers.  My daughter’s name, her Married name was on the list.


I may track down a person who works with UPS and ask how they go about gathering information.


I will probably post again, my 2nd Generation Kindle PaperWhite is ‘out for delivery’ and I know I’ll want to share my bonding experience with you.


Till next time, don’t touch anything sharp.


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By Sally

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