Who wanted to see the Peacock Project?

Let me try to explain what I am trying to do.

I crochet.  The nuns at St. Joseph’s Hospital taught me when I was a kid.  We watched soap-operas together and teaching gave them a reason to linger beside my bed.  In 1988 when I gave up smoking I picked up a hook and kept my hands busy during the times I really wanted to leave the house to do harm to someone.  Now, I pick up the hook to challenge myself.  Did you know it is really hard to worry when you are busy counting stitches?

A few weeks back I got a wild idea and took out my paints and brushes.  I painted a doily and it turned out really nice.  I made a doily for someone I know likes peacock feathers.  What would happen if I painted this one?  What would happen if after painting it I painted a canvas?  How about mounting this crocheted bit of artwork on the painted canvas?  I think I could enter it in the summer fair.

So here I am.

Photo of Painted Doily
Wet on Wet

I blocked it and last night began to paint using a wet on wet technique.  This morning it had faded to a very soft pink and green swirl.  Not, what I was going for.

Today, I set up to give this another go.  This time I would do a

Green Center Painted
Center Green a Frame for Colors

dry medium using almost a dry brush.  I used my peacock feathers as a color guide and set out to work the center bit.

I let this dry and if I still smoked, this would have been a good time to do it.


I took out my smaller brushes and because the center of the green frame was so small I wet and thinned my paint.  The green dry brushed parts became a dam to hold the weeping from coloring outside the spaces.  I made these into tiny

Tiny feathers and more frame working.
Tiny feathers and more frame working.

peacock feathers that you might be able to see if you enlarge the next image.

I also began the frame work in green for the larger feathers.

The canvas this will be mounted on will be painted and if all goes well it will enhance the effect I am trying for.

In this last photo I have painted around what I call the eyes.   I am going to fill in the feather part using a sort of turquoise  blue and a neutral yellow color represented in the feathers I am using as an example.  When I have the major parts filled in I will use a wet on wet for the remaining white spaces.

Green Frame Work and Eyes
Green Frame Work and Eyes

Then I will prep the canvas and start on that part of the project.  I have not figured out how I will make the crocheted part stick to the canvas.

Enjoy the pictures.  I’ll add more as the project evolves.

Don’t touch anything sharp!



By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


  1. I would recommend a craft glue which dries clear. Other than that, I can’t wait to see the finished project. It looks amazing.

  2. Wow! … Impressive. I love work-in-progress pics. I reckon it’s going to be spectacular. All I can do is crochet in a straight line back and forth! …

    … maybe some kind of spray adhesive?

    1. Thank you for the kind comments. Craft glue may work. I was thinking of the tacky stuff you use for hems on clothing when you’re ready to admit you don’t want to sew. I have to be careful tacking it down so it doesn’t show on the finished product. I’ll add photos along the way.

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