Angry Otters in Montana? Are these attacks Organized?

Angry Otters in Montana

What is happening to Montana’s Otters?

I’ve seen them.  Several summers ago I sat on a river bank and watched an otter play on a floating raft of debris.  I thought of her as a she.  She would swim around, go up under the raft, come back out and swim some more.

Not once did I consider wading out and coaxing the little critter into reach.  “Here Otter Otter.”  That sounds like something a girl might shout during a soft ball game.

I also have to admit that the thought of this otter coming after me like the Hellhounds from the tv show Supernatural never crossed my mind.  What would I do if one came after me?  Take a lesson from Mr. Zimmerman and stand my ground?  No, when it comes to flight or fight, this pasty white woman is going to self-implode.

I cannot get the photo to stay where I put it.  The full story that goes with it is Woman describes otter attack near West Yellowstone

There have been at least four Otter Attacks this summer.  Is this a trend?  First the Deer organized and raided pumpkin patches and gardens, then the Bears began sneaking into town to tip trash bins.  Now, maundering Otters are Staging a War.

Yes, this lady has just vowed not to go near the water.

Below I have a photo of an Attack Survivor, a Post from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and a link to the most recent coverage of these random attacks.  I’ll keep my ear to the news, I suppose at some point the FWP department will call us together for a press conference complete with mug shots and survival tips.

Otter Attack in West Yellowstone Area
Wed Jul 10 16:36:00 MDT 2013
Recreation – Region 3

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking the public to use caution around otters after a confirmed attack on a woman in the Hebgen Basin. The attack occurred Tuesday night near the Madison River Bridge (mile marker four on Highway 191). The woman suffered significant bites to her hand. There is also an unconfirmed report of a male angler being attacked as well later in the evening.

While otter attacks are extremely rare, these are wild animals and they can be aggressive making it especially important for people to keep a safe distance from adults and their pups.

FWP is posting signs in the area warning of the danger.

Angry Otters Taking Over Montana’s Rivers. Who will be the next victim? This woman suffered a major injury to her arm.

By Sally

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