Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Jolene Poole

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Jolene Poole.

Jolene Poole our brave guest has submitted to an interview.


1. What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale?

I don’t really know. I’m not sure there’s anything I do that specifically results in sales. But, the internet is a huge help. It’s easy to spread the word depending on what websites you’re active on; I’m on several myself. I recently started to do giveaways just to get the word out there. I’d like to think that getting reviews helps!


2. What do you like about your publisher or why did you decide to Self Publish?

I like how easy Damnation Books is to work with. I feel very comfortable there. And, I love that they have an option for print books! I’ve always wanted to see my work in hard copy, and most publishers I looked at didn’t have that option.


3. What do you have under your bed?

My movie collection. I’m a huge lover of films. I think I have the largest collection of anyone I know, and I’m running out of room under there!


4. Are you a plotter or a pantser when you are writing?

I guess I’m more of a panster. I don’t do any planning until I’m into the story, and I see where it’s heading. I’ll make an outline to follow so that I know where it’s all leading up to, but I think I would get bored if I tried to plan out every little detail.


5. Do you write in a bubble or do you prefer critique groups, writing buddies or other companionship during the process?

No one is allowed to see my work until the story is finished. I want people’s opinions on the entire book. That’s usually how I judge things myself. I like to look at the characters, the plot and the ending before I make an overall decision about whether I liked it or not. So I want people to be able to see the completed work before they tell me what they think.


6. When do ideas come to you and how do you capture them?

They usually come to me when I’m watching TV or listening to music. I’ll get fragments of plots and characters, and when I think there’s an idea that I can expand on, I write it down and build on it later. It sometimes takes me weeks to get started on a story after I get an idea. I have to be sure about the characters and that the plot can carry the whole book.


7. What is your favorite word processing program and what other tools do you use, pen, notebooks, white board, index cards, finger on fogged bathroom mirrors?

I use Microsoft Word. I’ve tried to use other programs but I don’t like them as much. I write everything on my laptop these days. I used to fill up notebook after notebook. Then, I discovered computers! Keyboards are definitely easier when I’m trying to get an idea out as quickly as possible. The words come to me faster than I can write by hand, so typing is the easier thing for me. I’ll only use a notebook now when I’m in a jam. It’s a matter of patience, and when it comes to writing, I have none!



 Mug Shot er photo of the Author
Jolene Poole

I was born and raised (with the exception of a few years in Canada) in Michigan. I’ve had a notebook in my hand since I was old enough to write. Becoming a published author has been a dream of mine for years, and I will continue to write books and hopefully entertain the world of readers.

Contact Info:

Email: jolenepoole@ymail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/actress777

Blog: http://authorlaurenciahoffman.tumblr.com/

Side Note: What’s the story behind your pen name?

I thought it would look better in publication than my real name! Laurencia is my middle name. I’ve always loved it. It’s so unique. I don’t think I’ve heard that name anywhere else. Hoffman is my mother’s maiden name and Laurenica was also my great-grandmother’s middle name, so the pen name is a tribute to my great-grandparents.


Blurb for Casting Stones

Cover Art for Casting Stones by Jolene Poole
Casting Stones by Jolene Poole

Avery Stone was a normal guy who never did anything important in his life. After a tragic childhood, he found a family ready and willing to take him in. Though he never really felt that he belonged there, he knew that it was better than being alone. When someone starts murdering random werewolf families Avery finds himself fighting to keep his loved ones safe.

Buy Link(s)

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Casting-Stones-ebook/dp/B006K1M8F8/

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/casting-stones-laurencia-hoffman/1108037147?ean=9781615725458

Damnation Books: http://www.damnationbooks.com/book.php?isbn=9781615725441

Excerpt from Casting Stones

Chance got to his feet, waiting for everyone to say something. Charlie ran her hand through her long blonde hair, clearing her throat uncomfortably. “Well…that wasn’t very nice.”

Chance clenched his fists. He had just been waiting for someone to speak so that he could tell them off. “No, it wasn’t. The truth is never easy to hear. You all treated him like he didn’t matter. Most of you tried to pretend that he didn’t exist. I don’t consider any of you my family, not after this. I will never forgive you for taking away the only brother I had.”

“That’s not fair,” Rain said quietly, “We didn’t kill him.”

“You may not have pulled the trigger, but you might as well have. If you had tried to develop a relationship with him, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“They’re right,” Darius said. “Avery and Chance are both…right.”

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Casting-Stones-ebook/dp/B006K1M8F8/

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/casting-stones-laurencia-hoffman/1108037147?ean=9781615725458

Damnation Books: http://www.damnationbooks.com/book.php?isbn=9781615725441


Email: jolenepoole@ymail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/actress777

Blog: http://authorlaurenciahoffman.tumblr.com/


Thank you for having me as your guest, Sally!

Thank You Jolene and I wish you a Best Seller.

Come back next week when our Writerly Wednesday Guest will be Melissa Abramovitz. And don’t touch anything sharp.

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